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David Tuttle - Reading, Mass.


Before the age of "selfie" sticks, the photographer was the one most often missing from pictures. 

June 1969

At my brother Jeremy's graduation
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

Fall 1971 (probably)

Working on an IBM 2741 terminal, connected to CP-67/CMS, creating VM/370

IBM Cambridge Scientific Center
545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA

Spring 1972

“Triage desk” in the S/370-145 machine room
IBM CP-67/CMS Development Group
545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA

Larry Estelle, Ed Christiansen, Dave Tuttle

Summer 1972 (probably)

Backyard party for Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble
82 Springfield Street, Watertown, MA

July 1973

Wedding (#1) reception
Town Hall, Sanbornton, NH

May 1974

John & Terri's campus apartment, with cats
Rockefeller University, New York City

Spring 1983

Senior Scientist, PAD Architecture
GTE Telenet Communications Corp.
20 Blanchard Road, Burlington, MA

March 1986 (probably)

Skiing with David Sinclair
Killington, VT

Mid-year 1989

Reunion of VM/370 developers and early customers
Montvale Plaza, Stoneham, MA

Summer 1991

With Access/Open ("Bandstand") prototype
Chief Engineer, Product Operations
Ungermann-Bass Inc.
5 Corporate Drive, Andover, MA

May 1994

John's second birthday, with Jason

Heather Drive, Reading, MA

November 2007

Pool room at F-1 Boston, with Crossbeam team
Braintree, MA

June 2009, with Nancy

Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, Colorado

2009 'Head Shot' for Web pages

Heather Drive, Reading, MA

2010, Home Office

Heather Drive, Reading, MA

August 2011

Celtics gear from Mass Lottery 2ndChance
Heather Drive, Reading

November 2011, at SC11 show

Symmetric Computing Inc. booth
Seattle Convention Center
Seattle, Washington

June 2012

At home with Bob the cat
Heather Drive, Reading, MA

October 2015

Officially old, still working
'selfie' at Avigilon Inc., Billerica, MA

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