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February 2017 – Welcome!

This is an ongoing collection of personal experiences and perhaps interesting items from my file cabinet of life in America.  Those of us in the "Baby Boomer" generation have lived through many unusual times and have experienced dramatic changes in daily life.  However you happened to find this place, feel free to explore!

My collection of family genealogy data is now located at '' (I still have some work to do cleaning up the page styles.)

– Enjoy!



Family Timeline Events – 1950s to 1970s

Adventure & Experiences – 1950s to 1966

MIT 1960s

MIT Class of 1970 – Cambridge & Boston, 1960s

Chance Encounters – Sir Arthur Clarke, 1976

IBM 7094

Computer Machinery & Systems – 1940s to 2010+

Fifty Years of Computer Software – 1960s to 2015

Data Communication & Networking – 1966 to 2016

Systems & Tools & Technology – 1965 to 2016

Cyberspace Letters – 2005 to Present

U-B Lab



Personal Snapshots – 1960s to 2015

Residential Scorecard – 1948 to Present


Cloverleaf Diary – North of Boston, 1951-2011

US Geological Survey Maps – Reading 1951, Boston 1961

FunEasel The Gallery Files – Food for Thought & Just for Fun
Book Library Catalog – Books, Papers, Patents, Articles, Videos


Links to the TuttleFamily Web Pages:

Family Tree Genealogy Pages – Family Lines and History
FunCamera Family Photos – Portraits and Snapshots going back 150 years
CoatOfArms Heraldry Notes – Arms & Crests, Clan Badges & Tartans


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