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Earthly events happen when they will, sometimes close to where you are, other times reported by family or friends.  Here is a small assortment of such items, from me and mine.

Bent rails "Earth Opened by Side of Track" – 1906 San Andreas Fault

The San Andreas earthquake of 1906 affected much more than the city of San Francisco.  My great-uncle and his wife were riding on a train in California when the magnitude 9.7 earthquake hit.  This is their first-hand report from an Ohio newspaper.

Headlines Standard Oil Plant Explosion – February 1930

One of the tales my father told while I was growing up was his first-hand account of this event.  Less than a year on the job, he was at work in the lab building at the Bayway refinery.  Eighty years later, an Internet search found details and some newspaper reports...

Manhattan Blackout The Great Northeast Blackout – November 1965

While my father was on the train coming home from midtown Manhattan, I was working in my basement electronics shop and listening to the radio.  The lights dimmed and came back, dimmed again and came back, then faded to black and stayed out ...

Lindsay Storm New York Blizzard of 1969 – "The Lindsay Storm"

In early February 1969, the Northeast from New York City to Portland Maine was covered by over 20 inches of snow.  The airports were shut down, and I spent over 9 hours getting back to Boston on the last train out of Grand Central Station ...

Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse of 1970 – "Eclipse of the Century"

On March 7, 1970, the path of totality for a solar eclipse crossed Central America and headed up near the East Coast, providing a rare opportunity for millions of people to view the celestial event.  We drove to Chatham Point on Cape Cod to join the viewing crowd ...

Car-Here Boston Blizzard of 1978 – "The Week That Wasn't"

In early February 1978, the Boston area was paralyzed by a major winter storm.  It started Monday and lasted more than 24 hours.  Driving bans inside Route 128 shut down the whole area until the following weekend.  While hundreds of vehicles were stalled and buried all around the city and suburbs, my car sat in the driveway with no snow on it!

NewsItem Earthquake near Ridgemark, CA – February 20, 1988

Nothing much to talk about, except that I slept through the whole thing in a San Francisco hotel during a business trip.  The shaking woke up my colleague Tony in the early morning hours, so I heard about it over breakfast.

Luis-1995 Hurricane Luis – Caribbean Islands, 1995

Satellite photos over several days of a major storm that devasted many eastern Caribbean islands in September, 1995 - including our Sint Maarten timeshare resort!  A friend was working for a company that handled digital image processing of satellite data.

Wildfire Montana on Fire – September 2000

Dramatic news photo from the Montana wildfires in 2000, sent by my sister-in-law Suzanne.  Her house is halfway up a hillside in Wolf Creek, about 20 miles north of Helena.

Nisqually Earthquake in Nisqually, WA – February 2001

Aftermath photos of control tower damage at the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), taken February 28th by a work friend.

NewsItem Earthquake in Mineral, VA – August 23, 2011

My brother was living near Charlottesville, less than 40 miles west of the epicenter.  In Boston, 530 miles away, the sway and shake interrupted my job interview on the UMass campus.

Irene 2011 Hurricane Irene on Cape Cod – August 28, 2011

The category 5 hurricane made landfall in New York after rampaging up the east coast.  Nancy and I were in Dennisport, taking a look at the effects on Nantucket Sound.

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