Vietnam Era in Greater Boston
1967 - 1970


Throughout the 1960s and the military activity in the Far East, every male over the age of 18 was subject to the Selective Service draft – even celebrities and professional sportsmen.  Regardless of your own convictions, it was a major factor in the course of your life.

The Selective Service College Qualification Test (SSCQT) was held in Walker Memorial in February 1967.  Fingerprint ID was required, unsettling more than a few of us.  Similar to the SAT, it was an "intelligence test" to determine how many years of secondary education would be allowed under a student deferment.  1967 was the last year that the test was administered.

Politics, Protests, Pressures

MIT Kresge

Muhammad Ali speaks at MIT – Early 1968

College friend emigrates to Canada – Spring 1968
Chauncey "transfers" to work at University of Toronto

Fellow folk dancer abandons Cambridge – Summer 1968
Susan, a Quaker, transfers from Radcliffe to Reed College in Oregon, opting for education without unrest

Deserter Sanctuary at MIT – Fall 1968
Army PFC Jack M. O'Conner, October 28 - November 8

Deserter Sanctuary at Brandeis – Winter 1968
Sp/4 John Rollins, December 4 - 18; AWOL from Ft. Clayton, Panama

Passion Plays at University of Toronto – August 1969
Visiting Chauncey in Toronto, Canada


March on Washington – November 1969
About 1,000,000 people travelled to Washington, D.C. for a Vietnam War protest on the National Mall.


Vietnam War Protest March & Riot – April 1970
Boston Common to Harvard Square, Cambridge

Making Trouble at Draft Physicals – April - July 1970
Collected into busses at Cambridge City Hall, then transported to the Boston Navy Yard for processing

Kent State Killings, Cambodia Bombing – May - June 1970
Ohio National Guard opens fire during protest at Kent State University, May 4, 1970.  Unauthorized bombing runs into Cambodia and Laos

New England Strike Information Center – Summer 1970
MIT Building 10, Cambridge and Brandeis, Waltham

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