A Family Gathering

I'm not sure where this gathering took place, and I'm not sure who all of these people are. I do know the date, and I know that all of these are kinfolk of one kind or another. I am not sure whether it was a gathering of my grandmother's Baumann kin or my grandfather's Tuttle clan -- and it could have been both, though my grandparents were not actually married until several years later.

Hiram & Nancy Tuttle met and married in Portage County, Ohio, but they moved up to Keeler, Michigan in the mid-1850's and lived there for at least 20 years. Their daughter Ellen married in Michigan and had her family there, but Hiram & Nancy and their young son Arthur H. Tuttle moved back to Ohio. An extended family gathering of this group would have included Tuttle, McCombs, and Thompson, at least.

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