An Ohio Gathering

Ohio & Michigan Kinfolk
perhaps 1909, probably in Ravenna, OH

Back row, left to right:

  • [perhaps] Mrs. Katherina Baumann Rhoads

  • Mrs. Martha Baumann Tuttle

  • Arthur Hampton Tuttle

  • [perhaps] Mrs. Elizabeth Baumann Kerr

  • [perhaps] John L. Kerr

  • Mrs. Irma G. (Thompson) Ireland

  • Mark Lorin Ireland

Center row, left to right:

  • unidentified woman

  • Mrs. Nancy M. (McCombs) Tuttle

  • Mrs. Mary (Mack) McComb

  • John Wesley McComb

Front row, left to right:

  • unidentified woman

  • unidentified girl with doll

  • John Bauman Tuttle

  • unidentified boy

  • [perhaps] May McCue Rhoads

  • unidentified young woman

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