Obadiah Ballou
6-Sep-1689, RI


OBADIAH BALLOU, born 6-Sep-1689 in Providence, RI;
son of James BALLOU born c1652 & Susanna WHITMAN born 1658/59;
died 12-Oct-1768 in Providence, RI.

Married (1) 5-Jan-1716/17 in Providence, RI, to Damaris BARTLETT;
born c1679 in Providence, RI;
daughter of John BARTLETT born ____ & Sarah ALDRICH born ____;
died c1738 in Wrentham, Norfolk County, MA.

Children of Obadiah & Damaris:

  1. Ezekiel Ballou, born 5-Jan-1717/18 in Wrentham, MA; died 5-Jun-1789;
    married 3-Jul-1740 in Smithfield, Providence Co, RI, to Joanna COOK,
    born ____; daughter of Joshia Cook [Elder] & _____; died 16-Jan-1797.
  2. Susanna Ballou, born 7-Oct-1720 in Wrentham, MA; died c1746;
    married 26-Dec-1738 to Elisha NEWELL, born 21-Mar-1712/13 in Roxbury, MA;
    son of Jakob Newell & ____; died 14-Apr-1762.
  3. RedBullet Daniel Ballou, born 27-Dec-1722 in Wrentham, MA; died Jun-1801;
    married (1) to Martha BUXTON, born ____ in Smithfield, Providence County, RI;
    married (2) 4-Jan-1745/46 to Amey BROWN, born 21-Jul-1723 in Attleboro, MA;
    daughter of Joseph BROWN & _____; died c1777.
  4. Abner Ballou, born 28-Oct-1725 in Wrentham, MA; died 4-Jan-1806;
    married 5-Sep-1752 to Beulah THAYER, born 10-May-1733 in Mendon, MA;
    daughter of William Thayer & Abigail Sumner; died 10-Jun-1808.
  5. Anna Ballou, born 2-Dec-1727;
    married to Elijah BROWN, who served during the Revolution in the Cumberland and Smithfield (RI) Rangers.
  6. Obadiah Ballou [Jr.], born 29-Sep-1730 in Wrentham, MA;
    married (1) 3-May-1753 to Martha SMITH, born ____; died c1780;
    married (2) c1785 to Mary Ann FAIRFIELD.
  7. Esther Ballou, born 24-Aug-1733 in Wrentham, MA;
    married 29-Aug-1754 to James WILSON, born ____ in Bellingham, MA;
  8. Arron Ballou, born 2-Mar-1737/38;

Married (2) 26-Dec-1740 in _____ to Sarah WHIPPLE
born 26-Dec-1701 in Attleboro, Bristol County, MA;
daughter of Israel WHIPPLE born ____ & Mary WILMARTH born ____;
died ____ in _____.

Children of Obadiah & Sarah:

  1. Zerviah Ballou, born 4-Jan-1740/41 in Wrentham, MA;
    married 3-Dec-1761 to Simeon THAYER, born 20-Oct-1739 in Mendon, MA;
    son of Uriah Thayer & Rachel Taft.
  2. Joseph Ballou, born 5-May-1743 in Wrentham, MA;
    died 15-May-1810 in Utica, Oneida Co, NY;
    married 15-May-1766 in Cumberland, RI, to Sarah BARTLETT, born 15-Mar-1739/40 in Attleboro, MA; daughter of John Bartlett & Sarah Aldrich; died 1832 in Utica, NY.
  3. Benjamin Ballou, born 11-Jul-1747 in Cumberland, RI;
    died 26-Mar-1810 in Utica, NY;
    married ____ to Sarah WHIPPLE, born 7-Feb-1748/49 in Cumberland, RI;
    daughter of Daniel Whipple & _____; died ____ in Utica, NY.


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  • Ballou, Saunders, etc. family information on the Internet, 1999 and 2000, including an Ahnentafel report for Mary C. C. Ballou posted at: http://genforum.genealogy.com/ballou/messages/231.html;

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