Levi Root
14-Sep-1740, CT


LEVI ROOT, born 14-Sep-1740 in Hebron, CT;
son of William ROOT born 1695 & Hannah PENNOCK born ____;
died 23-Aug-1820 in Strafford, Orange County, VT; buried in Kibling Cemetery.

Levi first married and lived in Piermont, NH, for a few years, then moved his family to Strafford, VT, as one of the first settlers. Served in the Revolutionary War in Vermont, 1777 and 1780 (see Biographical Notes, below).

Married (1) 30-Jan-1770 in ?Piermont, NH, to Hannah BRISCO;
born 25-Feb-1744 in Woburn, Middlesex County, MA;
daughter of William BRISCO born c1719 & Dinah __?__ born c1721;
died 23-Apr-1803 in Strafford, Orange County, VT; buried in Kibling Cemetery.

Children of Levi & Hannah:

  1. Levi Root [Jr], born 7-Apr-1772 in Piermont, NH; married Jemima PHELPS of Thetford, VT; died 1808.
  2. William Brisco Root, born 3-May-1774 in Strafford, VT; died 1860.
  3. Orning (Ornon) Root, born 29-Mar-1776 in Strafford, VT; died 1816 at Honeoye Lake, Livingston County, NY.
  4. Hannah Root, born 5-Apr-1778 in Strafford, VT; married Porter HIBBARD and moved to Illinois;
  5. Cyrus Root, born 25-Sep-1780 in Strafford, VT; married Mehitable SPENCER; physician practice in Wheelock, VT; died 23-Feb-1827.
  6. King Root, born 24-Aug-1782 in Strafford, VT; died 23-May-1840 in Northfield, VT.

Married (2) Mar-1804 in VT to Margaret SEELEY, the widow Benedict & Pennock;
born ____ in __?__;
daughter of _____ SEELEY & _____;
Margaret married (1) to James PENNOCK, Jr., a nephew of Levi Root's mother, who was killed during the American Revolution. She then married (2) to Jonathan BENEDICT, who died in 1800, and married (3) to Levi ROOT.

Biographical Notes:

From "Rolls of Vermont Soldiers in the Revolutionary War 1775-1783":

[112] Capt. John Alger's Payroll for such soldiers in his company as assisted the People of Strafford in their retreat, also the service of horses employed by said service.
Thetford, 14 August, 1777.

Name: Levi Root, Sergt.
Days: 6
Wages per day: 4.9
Total: 1.8.6. [1 pound, 8 shillings, 6 pence]

Thetford, 15th August, 1777. Then received of Major Israel Smith..., being in full for all the service done by the company under my command in Strafford, both for scouting and assisting the people in their retreat and moving and taking care of tory effects. John Alger, Capt.
[pages 20 and 21]

[211] A Payroll of Capt. William Heaton's Company of Militia, under the command of Peter Olcott in the service of Vermont State, from the time of their engagement until discharged by the commanding officer of the Northern Department.
Engaged Sept. 20, 1777.

Name: Levi Root, Sergt.
Days: 36
Per month: 2.10.0
Miles: 134
Entered: 20th
Total: 3.0.0.
William Heaton, Capt.

Norwich, August 24, 1778 examined and approved...Joseph Marsh
Nov. 30, 1778. Received the above sum in behalf of Capt. Heaton.
[pages 52 & 53]

[357] Payroll of Capt. John Powell's Company of Militia in the alarms of Barnard and Royalton, etc. [1780]

~Name: Solomon ROOT Days: 7, Total: 0.9.4;
~Name: William ROOT Days: 5, Total: 0.6.8;
~Name: Levi ROOT Days: 2, Total: 0.2.8.

June 23, 1781. Timothy Brownson, Asst.
June 26, 1781. Received of Ira Allen, The Treasurer, the contents on this order.
John Rowell."
[pages 274 and 275]


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