William Tuttell
24-Dec-1607, England


WILLIAM TUTTELL / TUTTLE, born 24-Dec-1607 in Ringstead, Northampton, England; son of Symon TUTTELL born c1560 & Isabel WELLS born c1565;
died Jun-1673 in New Haven, New Haven County, CT;
buried in Old Burying Yard now occupied by Centre Church, New Haven - gravestone along north wall in Grove St. Cemetery.

Emigrated Apr-1635 on the small barque Planter; arrived Jun-1635 in Boston, MA, with his family, two brothers and their families, and other relations. One of the 16 original proprietors of New Haven, CT, in 1639. More Historical Notes, below.

Tuttle Arms Coat of Arms: listed in Crozier's General Armory of American Families, 1653

Married 1630/31 in Ringstead, Northampton, to Elizabeth ?MATHEWS,
born c1608; ?baptised 14-Mar-1612 in Exeter, Devon, England;
daughter of Edward MATHEWS born 1594 & Elizabeth NASHE born 1592;
died 31-Oct-1684 in New Haven, CT; buried in Grove St. Cemetery.

Children of William & Elizabeth:

  1. John Tuttle, baptised 8-Dec-1631 in Ringstead, England;
  2. Hannah Tuttle, baptised 20-Jan-1632/33 in Ringstead, England;
  3. Thomas Tuttle, born 16-Dec-1634 in Ringstead, England;
  4. Jonathan Tuttle, baptised 8-Jul-1637 in Charlestown, MA;
  5. David Tuttle, baptised 7-April-1639 in Charlestown, MA;
  6. Joseph Tuttle, baptised 22-Nov-1640 in New Haven, CT;
  7. Sarah Tuttle, baptised Apr-1642; [ 'Those Terrible Tuttles' by Sam Behling]
  8. Elizabeth Tuttle, baptised 9-Nov-1645; [ 'Sinister Sisters' by Sam Behling]
  9. Simon Tuttle, baptised 28-Mar-1647;
  10. Benjamin Tuttle, baptised 29-Oct-1648; [ 'Those Terrible Tuttles', ibid]
  11. Mercy Tuttle, born 27-Apr-1650; [ 'Sinister Sisters', ibid]
  12. Nathaniel Tuttle, born 24-Feb-1652/53;

Historical Notes - from various sources:

William Tuttell was listed as a Proprietor of Charlestown, Mass., being granted liberty to build a windmill in 1636. A few years later he lived in Ipswich, Mass., and held an interest in the ketch "Zebulon" and engaged in a business with his brother, John Tuttle. The two Tuttle brothers were also joint owners of land which they acquired in payment of a debt from George Griggs.

William moved to Quinnipiack (later called New Haven) about 1639, where two years later, he acquired the home lot of Edward Hopkins, who had gone to Hartford. He shared in the division of common lands in 1640 and afterwards.

William served as fence viewer [surveyor] in 1644 and as road commissioner in 1646. He was one of the first owners of land in East Haven, CT. He surveyed the land and laid out the road from RedRock to the Stony River. His land there was: "bounded by a line running from the old ferry eastward to a spring where issues the small stream called Tuttle's Brook, thence south along this brook to Gregson's land at Solitary Cove, thence west to a point on the New Haven harbor near the Chemical works and Fort Hale, thence north along the harbor to the point of beginning." It included Tuttle's Hill. He served on the New Haven "Night Watch" in 1646, and he was fined once that year for falling asleep while on watch. In 1656, he bought Joshua Atwater's original allotment, mansion house and barn, with other lands. In 1659, he became the owner of land settling boundary disputes. His name often appears in records as busied in small affairs of the town, on committees and boards of arbitration, but never elected to public office

When William and his family moved into New Haven, Conn., they resided in the part of the town known as North Haven on land that belonged to Governor Eaton. William and Elizabeth spent the rest of their lives in New Haven.

Mr. William Tuttell is listed in the Church Seat Census on Feb. 7, 1668 and was living in New Haven. In 1669 he was listed on the Freeman Census as living in New Haven.


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