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Family Trees with Family Record Links:

The Tuttles of Reading, Mass. -- David B. & Nancy V. Tuttle

The Tuttles of Pelham Manor, New York -- John B. & Charlotte R. Tuttle

The Carabers of Boston, Mass. -- Archie P. & Frances C. Caraber

The Tuttles of Ravenna, Ohio -- Arthur H. & Martha B. Tuttle

The Roots of Annapolis, Maryland -- Dr. Ralph E. & Mary K. B. Root

The Crouches of Edgefield, South Carolina -- Thomas B. & Nancy F. Crouch

The Batchellers of Cedar Falls, Iowa -- Alexander F. & Mary C. Batcheller

The Baumanns of Oberhallau, Switzerland -- Baltiss & Elisabeth G. Baumann

RedArrow Combined Family Tree -- Ahnentafl style for a few generations
RedArrow Family Photos, 1860s - 2000s -- a collection in progress (growing!)
RedArrow Family Events --
  In Memoriam – Mr. Arthur H. Tuttle - 1871-1918
In Memoriam – Mrs. Martha B. Tuttle - 1876-1957
In Memoriam – Prof. Ralph E. Root - 1879-1961
In Memoriam – Mrs. Mary K. B. Root - 1880-1966
In Memoriam – Mr. Ellis P. Root - 1914-1981
In Memoriam – Mrs. Frances C. Caraber - 1918-1987
In Memoriam – Mr. John B. Tuttle - 1906-1989
In Memoriam – Mr. Archie P. Caraber - 1918-1992
In Memoriam – Dr. Ralph G. Meader - 1904-1995
In Memoriam – Mrs. Olive R. Meader - 1906-1997
In Memoriam – Mrs. Charlotte R. Tuttle - 1912-1999
In Memoriam – Capt. Lloyd E. Root, USN (ret.) - 1909-2005


Notes on Family Names and Origins:

Tuttell, Tuttle, Tuthill -- Family Origins in Old England

Tuttle and Tuthill -- Family Lines in Colonial America

Roote, Batcheller, Ballou -- Old England to New England

Pollock, Stewart, Cantwell -- Ulster Scots in Colonial America

Baumann, Graf, Surbeck, Schaad -- Switzerland to the Old Northwest

Caraber/Karaberis, Caranicholas -- Southern Greece to Boston, Mass.

Crouch, Fleming, Griffith, Abney -- England and Wales to the Carolinas

RedArrow European Origins – Earliest ancestors of our main family lines
RedArrow American Originals – Our immigrant ancestors, 1635 - 1915
RedArrow References & Notes – Genealogy Books, Family Records, Research Reports
RedArrow Genealogy Links – Books & Online Resources

RedArrow Surname Index to Family Record Pages -- Main lines and others:


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