Augment Systems Inc.


Unfortunately, Augment Systems Inc. is no longer doing business.

The company was founded by Lorrin Gale and Chap Cory in 1990 to pursue a business plan based on development of high-speed data interchange technology for Apple Computers Inc. Macintosh systems, a clear favorite for the professional color prepress and printing market.  The initial plans met with limited success and low volume product sales.

Augment Systems developed a new business plan in 1994, based on further development of unique server technology acquired from Radius Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA.  The company reorganized in 1995 when early-stage private financing became available.

The AFX-410 SuperServer was technologically successful, but the company was not able to walk the tightrope of limited financing versus high capital requirements for market penetration.  The following collection of Web pages and data was rescued from a browser cache, sometime after the company liquidation in February, 1999.

As a testament, perhaps, to the promise and the technology, Augment customers with installed systems were buying spare parts at the liquidation sale.

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