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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer

Detailed Curriculum Vitae

April 2015 – December 2016

Analytics Platform Engineer, Contractor
Avigilon Inc.
900 Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica MA
450 Artisan Way, Somerville MA
Agency:  Black Diamond Networks, Andover MA

  • Yocto embedded Linux development for Atomic ES-HD High Definition Edge Storage servers: Intel BayTrail SoC processor with NAND Flash, dual SATA HDD, multiport GbE, internal POE switch, digital alarm I/O, Web user interface, secure network deployment.
  • Embedded Linux support for Rialto® and R-Series® video analytic platforms:  TI8168 (Davinci) ARM9 with DSP, Marvell 88F6282 (Kirkwood) ARM5 Linux NAS, Marvell 88E6352 (LinkStreet) with 802.1q VLAN.

September 2013 – April 2015

Principal Engineer, Contractor
Affirmed Networks Inc.
35 Nagog Park, Acton MA
Agency:  Symphony-Teleca, Westford MA

  • Embedded Linux development for AN3000 Mobile Content Cloud (MCC) clusters:
    Purpose-built ATCA and scalable VM-based systems for network-core gateway services.
  • C++ and Python configuration support for management interfaces with 802.1q VLAN.
  • Complex C++ support for MPLS routing control plane with multiple network namespaces.
  • Linux 3.2 kernel support for MPLS over IPv4 and IPv6, based on SourceForge prototype.

September 1994 - Present

Principal Engineer, Proprietor
Viewpoint Engineering
Heather Drive, Reading MA

  • Occasional work as a consultant or independent contractor, between full-time or hourly contract positions

February 2012 – December 2012

Principal Platform Engineer
VideoIQ Inc.
213 Burlington Road, Bedford MA

  • Embedded Linux development supporting network deployed video surveillance and security products with Real-Time Threat Detection technology (TI8168 Davinci ARM9 SoC with DSP, NAND Flash, SATA/SSD data storage).
  • Platform development for standalone Rialto® and multi-unit R-Series® with integrated real-time analytics and zero-network-bandwidth internal audio/video storage.
  • System and internal network design of R-Series® chassis with embedded Marvell GbE switch and Cogent NAS controller with local SATA disks.

September 2011 – February 2012

Principal Engineer, Stakeholder
Symmetric Computing Inc.
University of Massachusetts Venture Development Center
100 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston MA

  • OpenSuSE Linux development and release engineering for 'Departmental Supercomputer' products based on Distributed Symmetric Multiprocessor (DSMP™) technology.
  • Linux x86_64 kernel support for direct-connect InfiniBand with RDMA paging for a fixed cluster of two or more server nodes.  Quad-socket SuperMicro with AMD Opteron™ G34 processors, up to 64 cores per node, very large physical memory (256 GB-1.0 TB), multiple SATA HDDs.
  • Introduced and demonstrated Symmetric Trio™ systems at SC-11 trade show, Seattle WA.

May – September 2011

Principal Engineer, Contractor
SafeNet Inc.
100 Conifer Hill Drive, Danvers MA
Agency:  Symphony Services, Westford MA

  • Implemented physical intrusion alarm and event processing in Tilera Tile-64 Linux.
  • Extended inter-processor PCI interfaces to pass event notifications and state data.
  • Developed named semaphore interfaces for multi-thread cross-process communications.
  • Unit test and documentation for alarm interface; passed full QA test suite.

April 2005 – December 2010

Principal Software Engineer
Crossbeam Systems Inc.
80 Central Street, Boxborough MA

  • Source control, build support and build integration for Cavium Octeon™ Linux
  • Kernel platform drivers and user-space interfaces for Octeon™ packet accelerator engines
  • Octeon™ 64-bit port of EZchip™ NP-2 support libraries (EZdriver)
  • EZdriver board support package and host driver implementation for NP-8600 and NP-8650
  • "FrankenBoard" bring-up with Octeon™ evaluation board acting as control host for EZchip™ EZsystem2 evaluation platform
  • SDK and Linux kernel update for supporting Cavium Octeon Plus™ in 2nd-generation NP6 modules
  • Assisted in x86_64 support for APM and conversion of CPM system base to x86_64 Linux
  • Technology exploration of IPMI, SSI, HP and IBM blade servers, platform management, etc.
  • Technology and market exploration of requirements for IPv6 networking
  • Source control and build support for new NPM module (3rd generation NP6, new EZchip™)
  • Crash data capture and crash reporting update for new APM modules, Linux x86 and x86_64
  • Major cleanup of complicated, hierarchical 'make' procedures for Crossbeam XOS (4 Linux builds for the Cavium Octeon, 18 Linux x86 builds for APMs, Linux x86_64 build with KVM & QEMU virtualization, then Linux x86_64 build for the CPM that packages all of the results)
  • Source import, source control organization and build support for KVM, QEMU, 'libvirt', Red Hat EL v5.4 kernel for x86_64
  • Preferred virtual machine memory management for Red Hat EL v5.4 with KVM and QEMU

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • Octeon™ Linux Extensions for NPM-4 and CSM - November 2005
  • Platform Software for NPM-4 - December 2005
  • NextGen Build Tree for XOS Development - August 2006
  • Octeon™ Initialization for NPM-8600, XOS Release 8.0 - Fall 2007
  • IDT 88K8483 SPI Usage on the NPM8600 - January 2008
  • Linux Modifications for NPM-8600 - February 2008
  • IPv6 for X-Series - Introduction & Overview - June 2008, PowerPoint

September 2004 – April 2005

Principal Software Engineer, Independent Contractor
Crossbeam Systems Inc.
200 Baker Avenue, Concord MA

  • Design, implementation and performance evaluation of experimental software partitioning, supporting up to four uniprocessor Linux kernels on an Intel x86 SMP platform.

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • Condensed [MP-Split] Project Statement - September 2004
  • MP-Split Multiple Linux Support for Intel SMP, COS-based Prototype for C30i - March 2005
  • MP-Split Multiple Linux Support for Intel SMP, XOS Implementation for APMs - July 2005

June 2003 – May 2004

Principal Engineer
Katana Technology Inc. (later Virtual Iron Software Inc.)
43 Nagog Park, Acton MA

  • Technical evaluation of InfiniBand providers: Intel, TopSpin, Mellanox, QLogic, Emulex
  • Supervised porting and testing of TopSpin InfiniBand drivers in FreeBSD x86 kernel
  • Design & implement non-blocking InfiniBand interconnect for FreeBSD embedded kernel
  • Design & implement FreeBSD kernel support for IPMI and related facilities
  • Implement InfiniBand RDMA & atomic services over 100Mb/s Ethernet for development

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

PDF   Virtual Iron™ Software Inc. Company Launch – Jan. 2005
PDF   Virtual Iron™ VFe Datasheet

January – May 2003

Principal Engineer
StarBak Communications Inc. (merger with Vividon in Jan. 2003)
One University Park, 29 Sawyer Road, Waltham MA

  • Design & implement Microsoft Windows Media Player v9 playlist interpreter for Linux
PDF   StarBak Communications ceased operations – Formal Notice, March 2007
PDF   Funding, new customers bring Starbak out of the dark – Mass High Tech, January 2008

June 2000 – January 2003

Operating System Software Engineer
Vividon Inc. (originally Exotec Inc.)
142 North Road, Sudbury MA

  • Designed & implemented 'fsck' utility for CFFS+ clustering Fast File System for ExOS
  • Redesigned XOK ExoKernel memory mapping and restructured ExOS for 4GB address space – Virtual Memory Notes, ExOS_v3
  • Redesigned and implemented ExOS CFFS+ disk block allocation for 256-512 GB disk partitions
  • ExoKernel architecture-specific support for Dell rack-mount servers
  • Kernel driver porting for Tigon2 & Intel GbE, Q-Logic SCSI, etc.
  • Multi-thread asynch file I/O design & implementation on RedHat Linux 8.x
  • Designed & implemented Cisco WCCPv2 daemon on Linux for multi-protocol web cache & proxy

February – May 2000

Project Engineer, "Fat City"
Hammer Technologies (a Teradyne company)
205 Lowell Street, Wilmington MA

  • PacketSphere™ 2.5 Gb/s network analyzer and network behavior simulator
  • Compact PCI platform with VxWorks on Motorola PowerPC processor
  • Custom CPCI line cards using C-Port C-5 network processors

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

PDF   Hammer PacketSphere™ platform
PDF   Network Emulator for Hammer PacketSphere™ XG

September 1999 – January 2000

Chief Engineer
NorthStar Internetworking (a Teradyne company)
200 Fifth Avenue, Waltham MA

  • NetFlare™ Internet Diagnostic Unit (IDU), two patent applications
  • CompactPCI platform with RedHat Linux 6.1 on Intel x86, PCMCIA boot
  • Ariel RS6000 T1/E1 24/32-channel line cards with 56 Kb/s modems

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • NetFlareProduct Family
    PowerPoint presentation; NorthStar Internetworking, October 1999.
  • Brainstorm 99/12
    PowerPoint presentation; NorthStar Internetworking, December 1999.
  • PC Configuration Fault Analysis
    Peter H. Schmidt, David B. Tuttle, Davis Foulger et al.;
    Patent applications filed in U.S. and Europe; Teradyne Inc., April 2000
    U.S. Patent 7,127,506 granted October 2006.
  • Network Transaction Stress Amplifier
    David B. Tuttle
    Patent applications filed in U.S. and Europe; Teradyne Inc., May 2000.
PDF   Teradyne & Stargus exploit NetFlare™ and CableEdge™ - 2002

October 1997 – February 1999

Consulting Engineer, Software Project Leader
VideoServer Connections Inc. (division of VideoServer Inc.)
4 Mount Royal Avenue, Marlborough MA

  • Developer's kit driver software for BRIck™ ISDN interface modules
  • Prototype design & software implementation for Teletek TeleEye®-384 video conferencing endpoint terminal

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • Functional Specification, PCI BRIckCarrier Card
    Dave Tuttle & Tom Daly;  VideoServer Connections Inc., March 1998.
  • DVC9-ISDN Reference Design Kit Adaptation for BRI BrickSupport
    Project Proposal for 8x8 Inc.; VideoServer Connections Inc., August 1998.
  • System Design Specification, DVC9-BrickReference Design Kit
    VideoServer Connections Inc., January 1999.

September 1995 – September 1997

Chief Technology Officer
Augment Systems Inc.
2 Robbins Road, Westford MA

  • Product and plan redesign when Apple Computer denied MacOS license for multiple Radius Rocket™ blades in Skylab server
  • Conceptual design of Firebird file server with 125 MByte/sec FC-AL interfaces
  • Foreign filesystem protocol design exploiting FCP frames over FC-AL
  • RAID management interface design, MacOS Finder interface design, debug/trace tools
  • Conceptual and physical design of PCI bus bridge card for Rocket Private Bus (Motorola MC68040)
  • AFX drivers for Emulex LightPulse 6000 FC-AL adapter: Rocket/MC68040, PowerPC Macintosh, Intel WindowsNT
  • Augment AFX-210, AFX-410 series - FibreChannel Storage Area Networking system for PowerMacintosh and WindowsNT professional color editing & printing

Specifications &/or Presentations:

PDF   Firebird Data Warehouse Architecture, February 1996
PDF   Firebird SuperServer for MacOS, February 1996
PDF   Augment Systems AFX 410 SuperServer, September 1997

November 1993 – August 1995

Consulting Engineer
Augment Systems Inc.
19 Crosby Drive, Bedford MA

  • High-performance device interfaces for digital color editing and prepress operations
  • Fibre Channel adapter design for Sun Microsystems SBus, for Interphase Corp.
  • Fibre Channel technology training course prepared & presented to Quantum Corp.
  • Business plan development and presentations for refinancing/reorganization
  • Technology evaluation and negotiation to acquire Radius Inc. Skylab project
  • Negotiation with Apple Computer for license to develop MacOS compatible multiprocessor platform

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • Fibre Channel FC-PH Device Driver for the AL303 / Model 4626 SBus FC Adapter
    Software Design Specification, Augment Systems and Interphase Corp., February 1994.
  • Augment Systems Report on Fibre Channel
    PowerPoint presentation prepared for Network Systems Corp., March 1994.
  • Introduction to Fibre Channel, ANSI X3.230
    PowerPoint presentation developed for Quantum Corp. training class, April 1994.
  • Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI (FCP), dpANS X3.993
    PowerPoint presentation developed for Quantum Corp. training class, April 1994.
  • Centric Systems : Business Opportunity – Fall 1994
  • Centric SK/6 Super Server : Preliminary Datasheet – September 1994
  • Centric Systems : Business Proposal – October 1994
  • Centric Systems : Executive Overview – January 1995

May 1991 – July 1993

Chief Engineer
Product Operations, Ungermann-Bass Inc. (subsidiary of Tandem Computers)
5 Corporate Drive, Andover MA

  • Chairman, Product Delivery Division Technical Review Board (TRB)
  • Project Engineer, Peregrine FibreChannel Gateway (joint project with Emulex Inc. and Siemens Control Systems)
  • Project Engineer, Bandstand (Access/Open) managed network services platform

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • Preliminary System Description – Bandstand Medley
    Ungermann-Bass Inc. internal document, July 1991.
  • Preliminary Functional Specification – Bandstand Management
    Ungermann-Bass Inc. internal document, September 1991.
  • Bandstand Management – Demo Version
    Ungermann-Bass Inc. internal document, October 1991.
  • A View to the Future
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., November 1991.
  • Technical Review Board Purposes and Procedures
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., January 1992.
  • Bandstand Project, aka Access/Open
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., January 1992.
  • Peregrine Fibre Channel Gateway Proposal
    PowerPoint presentation to TRB; Ungermann-Bass Inc., May 1992.
  • Peregrine Gateway System Description
    Ungermann-Bass Inc. internal document, September 1992.
  • Network Computers
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., January 1993.
  • Engineering Notes – Access/One and Access/Open
    Ungermann-Bass Inc. internal document, March 1993.
  • Virtual Network Architecture (VNA) – Architectural Framework
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., May 1993.
  • Virtual Network Architecture (VNA) – Physical Layer Features
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., July 1993.

April 1990 – April 1991

Senior Research Engineer
Product Operations, Ungermann-Bass Inc. (subsidiary of Tandem Computers)
5 Corporate Drive, Andover MA

  • Local Area Network infrastructure and interface equipment
  • Broadband, Baseband, twisted-pair and Token Ring LAN hubs and bridges

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • Enterprising Networks – Communication Networks Perspectives for the 1990s
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Advanced Engineering, February 1990.
  • The "I-Net" Intelligent Network – Preliminary Concepts & Possibilities
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Advanced Engineering, April 1990.
  • Notes on X.25 Capability for Net/One and Access/One
    System Architecture File report; Ungermann-Bass Advanced Engineering, June 1990.
  • Access/One Requirements, Assumptions, Conclusions, Alternatives
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Advanced Engineering, February 1991.
  • Token Ring Support PDT Review
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., February 1991.

June 1986 – November 1989

Principal Technical Consultant, OS and Data Comms
Technical Consulting Group, Prime Computer Inc.
500 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham MA

  • Strategy Forum delegate, Corporation for Open Systems (COS)
  • Strategy Forum Nominating Committee, Corporation for Open Systems
  • Strategy Forum Architecture Committee, Corporation for Open Systems
  • Open Systems Network Management Forum (OSI/NM)
  • UNIX International Communications Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • X/Open XNET Working Group
  • Prime Computer internal Patent Review Committee

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • The EMACSMail System, Version 86.01 Users Guide
    Prime Engineering Technical Report PE-T-1333, October 1986.
  • The EMACSMail System, Version 86.12 Users Guide
    Prime Engineering Technical Report PE-T-1333 Rev. 1, March 1987.
  • VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future (Appendix B)
    Melinda Varian, Office of Computing and Information Technology
    Princeton University, August 1989 and later revisions, for the SHARE VM Project.
PDF   VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future - April 1991
PDF   VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future - August 1997

June 1985 – May 1986

Senior Technical Consultant, Communications
Software Systems Engineering, Prime Computer Inc.
500 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham MA

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • Open Systems Interconnection Service Definition Abstracts
    Prime Engineering Technical Report PE-T-1328, June 1986.
  • Reference Listing of ISO and CCITT Data Communications Standards
    Prime Engineering Technical Report PE-T-1358, October 1986.
PDF   DoD Internet Architecture (TCP/IP and Friends)
PDF   Open Systems (OSI) Protocols
PDF   PRIMOS™ Data Communications, 1985 - 1989

February 1984 – May 1985

Chief Scientist, PAD Architecture
GTE Telenet Communications Corp.
20 Blanchard Road, Burlington MA

  • HPAD protocol for remote operation over X.25 of IBM SDLC and CCITT HDLC devices
  • Consulting within GTE on burst switching experiments and ISDN development
  • Invited to and attended GTE Corporation Engineering Symposium, 1984

Specifications &/or Presentations:

  • HPAD, An HDLC Packet Assembler/Disassembler Protocol for X.25 Networks
    Industry standard endorsed and issued jointly by GTE Telenet and IBM Corp., 1984.

December 1981 – January 1984

Senior Scientist, PAD Development
GTE Telenet Communications Corp.
20 Blanchard Road, Burlington MA

  • Promoted from line management to senior technical staff
  • 3270DSP protocol for remote operation over X.25 of IBM 3270 display terminal clusters
  • X.25 network planning and support for GTE Data Services, GT Northwest, Hawaii Tel

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • 3270 Display System Protocol, 3270DSP
    Industry standard endorsed and jointly issued by GTE Telenet, Tymnet, and Datapac; August 1981.  Second edition update issued July 1983.

September 1978 – November 1981

Manager, Front-End Software
GTE Telenet Communications Corp. (acquired CTX in Fall 1979)
20 Blanchard Road, Burlington MA

  • X.25 and terminal protocol support for IBM 3704/3705 Communication Control Units
  • Technical liaison with Bell Canada Datapac, Tymnet, Memorex and IBM
  • Facilities support for Magnuson M-80 mainframe, TP3025 packet switch prototype, TP30xx in-house circuit board assembly and production

August 1978 – September 1979

Manager, DMEP Software
Cambridge Telecommunications Corp. (CTX)
5 Old Concord Road, Burlington MA

  • First-level manager for a group of 5 to 8 software engineers
  • DataNetwork Modified Emulation Program (DMEP) on-site customer support and development
  • Citinet™, Telenet™, Tymnet™, Datapac™ packet network terminal support for IBM 3704/3705 Communication controllers

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • DataNetwork Modified Emulator Program (DMEP) for the IBM 3704/3705
    Cambridge Telecommunications Inc. product documentation, 1979.

October 1976 – September 1978

Principal Software Engineer
Distributed Systems Group, ML5-5
Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard MA

  • Designed and implemented RSX-11M and RSX-11D support for IBM SDLC communications and IBM 3790 SNA protocols
  • Member of DECnet Stage II design task force, 1977
  • Member of DECnet Review Group (DRG), 1977-1978
  • Project leader for all IBM interface products, 1977-78

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • Preliminary Design Specification for the Network Resource Control Protocol and the Node Resource Manager
    David B. Tuttle; Digital Equipment Corp. Report DBT-77-002-02S, April 1977.
  • RSX-11M/3790 Protocol Emulator
    Digital Equipment Corp. product documentation, 1978.

January 1973 – August 1976

Staff Programmer
VM/370 Control Program Development, Advanced Systems Development
New England Programming Center, IBM System Development Division (SDD)
24 New England Executive Park, Burlington MA

  • VM/370-CP support for virtual channel-to-channel adapter (CTCA), 1973
  • VM/370-CP support for IBM 3704 and 3705 Programmable Communications Control Units
  • VM/370 delegate, IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) Architectural Maintenance Board (AMB), 1973-1976
  • System Architect, VM/370 Control Program, 1974-1975
  • IBM Project Management training program, Poughkeepsie NY
  • Technical reviewer, IBM SNA Formats and Protocols Reference Manual v1.0, 1976

Specifications &/or Presentations:

Inside NCP   VM/370 Support for the 3704/3705 Programmable Communication Control Units
SHARE User Group presentation, August 1974.

August 1971 – December 1972

Senior Associate Programmer
CP-67/CMS Development Group
IBM DPD Industry Marketing & Development
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA

  • Alpha Test design documentation for New Context Editor (NED)
  • CP-67 I-System support for IBM 3330 drives and IBM 2305 fixed-head DASD
  • Virtual machine device control, I/O virtualization, virtual memory virtualization
  • Source update & build utility design and implementation in CMS
  • Prototype support for System/370 Program Event Recording and VM microcode assist

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

PDF Virtual Machine Facility/370 – August 1972 Blue Letter
  Control Program (CP) & Conversational Monitor System (CMS)
System/370 Advanced Function – announced August 1972, shipped November 1972.

January 1970 – August 1971

Senior Associate Programmer
Computer Graphics Group, Advanced OS Development Group
IBM Cambridge Scientific Center, DPD-HQ
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA

  • Advanced text editor design and development for CP-67/CMS and ONLINE/OS
  • Data communication protocols designed for reliable machine to machine data exchange
  • Joint project support for Brown University HyperText Editing System (HES) update, using CP-67 host with IBM 1130 and IBM 2250 Model 4 display stations
  • CP-67 extensions for virtual System/360-67 multiprocessor support

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • Context Editors, Part II: A Non-System-Specific Context Directed Editor
    D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2048, March 1970.
  • HOTLINE: A Binary Synchronous Access Method
    E. C. Hendricks and D. B Tuttle;
    IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin WA8-70-0091, September 1970.
  • Invited to and attended SHARE XXXV (Fall 1970) user conference in Montreal, for discussion of computer-based text processing

January 1969 – January 1970

Associate Programmer
Computer Graphics Group
IBM Cambridge Scientific Center, DPD-HQ
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA

  • ONLINE/OS single-user interactive interface for OS/360-PCP in a CP-67 virtual machine
  • PL/1 programming support for Sketchpad III graphical element database
  • Data communication protocol design and driver development for IBM 1130 graphical display client & PL/1 database server under ONLINE/OS and CP-67

Specifications, Presentations, Publications:

  • Introduction to ONLINE/OS
    E. C. Hendricks, C. I. Johnson, R. D. Seawright, D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2036, March 1969.
  • ONLINE/OS User's Guide
    E. C. Hendricks, C. I. Johnson, R. D. Seawright, D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2037, March 1969.
  • Notes on Design Objectives and Implementation under OS/360 of a General Purpose Binary Synchronous Telecommunications Package for Multi-Programmed Applications in OS/360
    E. C. Hendricks, D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2047, August 1969.
  • BSCCA: An Interrupt Service Subroutine for Binary Synchronous Operation of the IBM 1130 Synchronous Communications Adapter
    D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report ZZ20-2096, October 1969.

October – December 1968

Supplemental Employee (part time)
Computer Graphics Group, Cambridge Scientific Center
International Business Machines Corp.
545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA

  • Interactive programming in S/360 Assembly & PL/1, using Cambridge Monitor System in a virtual machine under Control Program-67 (CP-67/CMS)
  • OS/360 Sysgen, installation and operation in a CP-67 virtual machine
  • Magnetic tape access and data retrieval using OS/360 in a virtual machine

September 1967 – May 1968

User Support Consultant (part time)
MIT Computation Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

  • SHARE Software Librarian for MIT-CC
  • System Installation and Utility programming on IBM System/360 model 20
  • Assembly-language rewrite of Fortran three-space coordinate transformation functions, supporting molecular structure analysis of stereoisomers

June – August 1967

OS/360 System Programmer
MIT Computation Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

  • OS/360-PCP Sysgen and installation on System/360 Model 65
  • Installation and extensive customization of IBM Attached Support Processor (ASP/360) on System/360 Model 40 channel-attached to System/360 Model 65
  • OS/360 I/O device programming, Job Control Language and utility programming
  • 'Spacewar' video game experience on IBM 2250 Model 1 vector graphics display

February – May 1967

User Support Consultant (part time)
MIT Computation Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

  • Interactive user, MIT Compatible Time Sharing System (CTSS) on modified IBM 7094
  • Unit record operations on IBM 1401, 026/027 keypunch, 1403 printer, etc.
  • System/360 Programming in FORTRAN IV, PL/1 and System/360 Assembly
  • Enhanced CTSS '21' Blackjack game in Michigan Algorithm Decoder (MAD)
  • Fortran SLIP library (list processing) updated to S/360 Fortran IV

September 1966 – December 1968

Undergraduate Student
Electrical Engineering (Course 6)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

  • Course 6.47: Introduction to FORTRAN for Engineers – Jerome Saltzer
  • Course 6.544/18.16J: Heuristic Programming & Artificial Intelligence – Marvin Minsky & Seymour Papert

June – August 1966

Clerk Level 3
Research Department, Tunnels and Bridges Division
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Commerce Building, 111 Eighth Ave, Manhattan NYC

  • Holland Tunnel traffic incident data collating & numerical analysis
  • FORTRAN IV interactive programming on IBM Research M44/44X time-sharing system
  • Traffic density and ventilation studies in Lincoln Tunnel

June – July 1965

Abstract Algebra and Computers
National Science Foundation, Secondary Science Training Program
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ

  • Abstract Algebra of groups, sets, vectors, topology
  • FORTRAN II programming, IBM 1620 machine language & Autocoder assembly


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