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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  


David B. Tuttle - Principal Engineer

Several decades experience in technology design, development and successful product delivery in a wide range of companies and target markets.  Concept, architecture, system design and extensive hands-on development of operating system software, I/O interfaces, local and wide-area networking, local and distributed file systems.  Platform development for board-level, standalone, interdependent and/or clustered environments, single core and multicore and heterogeneous SoC processors.  Proven ability to quickly understand and effectively exploit new and emerging technologies in both hardware and software.  "Been there; done that; enjoyed it."

Employment & Technical Experience:

Avigilon Inc.
Somerville, Mass.
Black Diamond Networks
Andover, Mass.
Analytics Platform Engineer
Apr. 2015 – Dec. 2016
  • Embedded Linux platform development for Atomic ES-HD High Definition Edge Storage servers: Intel BayTrail SoC processor with NAND Flash, dual SATA HDD, multiport GbE, internal POE switch, digital alarm I/O.
  • Yocto open source development for secure network-deployed product with Web interfaces.
  • Embedded Linux support for Rialto® and R-Series® video analytic platforms:  TI8168 ARM9 (Davinci) with DSP, Marvell 88F6282 (Kirkwood) ARM5 Linux NAS, Marvell 88E6352 switch (LinkStreet) with 802.1q VLAN.
Affirmed Networks Inc.
Acton, Mass.
Symphony-Teleca Engineering Services
Westford, Mass.
Principal Engineer
Sep. 2013 – Apr. 2015
  • Embedded Linux development for Mobile Content Cloud (MCC) interconnected clusters in purpose-built ATCA and VM-based blade systems, providing Virtualized Network Functions for mobile subscriber and content gateway services for network core deployment.
  • C++ system configuration and control, MPLS routing control plane, Linux kernel support for IPv4 & IPv6 MPLS routing tables and packet handling.
VideoIQ Inc.
Bedford, Mass.
Principal Software Engineer
Feb. 2012 – Dec. 2012
  • Embedded Linux development supporting ARM- and DSP-based video surveillance and security products with Real-Time Threat Detection technology and networked deployment with edge storage. Platform development for standalone and multi-unit Rialto bridge with integrated real-time analytics and zero-bandwidth audio/video storage.
Symmetric Computing Inc.
Boston, Mass.
Principal Engineer
Sep. 2011 – Feb. 2012
  • OpenSuSE Linux development and release engineering for 'Departmental Supercomputer' products based on Distributed Symmetric Multiprocessor (DSMP™) technology.
  • Kernel x86_64 support for direct-connect InfiniBand with RDMA paging for a fixed cluster of two or three nodes. Quad-socket platform for AMD Opteron™ G34 processors, with up to 64 cores and very large physical memory (256 GB-1.0 TB) per node.
Safenet Inc.
Danvers, Mass.
Symphony Services Engineering
Westford, Mass.
Principal Engineer
May 2011 – Sep. 2011
  • On assignment to Safenet Inc., designed and developed multithread event handling and alarm actions support for StorageSecure high performance network filesystem proxy and data encryption appliance. Embedded Linux development for Tilera Tile-64 mainboard processor paired with Tile-64 data coprocessor.
Crossbeam Systems Inc.
Boxborough, Mass.
Principal Software Engineer
Apr. 2005 – Dec. 2010
  • Architecture-dependent Linux kernel development for the C-Series and X-Series Unified Threat Management network security platforms
  • Red Hat Linux modifications for Intel x86 and x86_64 platforms, including KVM - QEMU virtualization, multicore SMP and NUMA-aware memory management
  • Linux platform support and packet accelerator drivers for Cavium Networks Octeon™ and Octeon Plus™ multicore SoC network processors
  • MIPS64 port and Crossbeam NPM-86xx board support package for EZchip EZdriver software
  • Technology and requirements evaluation for IPv6, IPMI, SSI, and multicore processor alternatives
  • Source control organization & open-source license evaluation; familiar with Coverity, CodeStryker, Bugzilla, Source Navigator, automated build procedures, RPM packaging
Crossbeam Systems Inc.
Boxborough, Mass.
Independent Contractor
Sep. 2004 – Apr. 2005
  • Experimental Linux kernel development of asymmetric multi-kernel support for Intel Xeon SMP and HT platforms, using Red Hat Linux 7.3 and EL v3 (2.4.18 and 2.4.21) on Crossbeam C30 and X80 platforms.  Successful implementation with up to four concurrent kernels.
Katana Technology Inc.
Acton, Mass.
[stealth precursor to Virtual Iron Software]
Principal Engineer
Jun. 2003 – May 2004
  • Proprietary microkernel development of distributed, scalable server virtualization with hot-plug support for processors and memory, virtualized network and storage I/O devices, based on generic Dell servers with Topspin Infiniband interconnect.
StarBak Communications Inc.
Waltham, Mass.
Principal Engineer
Feb. 2003 – Jun. 2003
  • Enterprise network appliances with Linux-based software for streaming media capture, storage, cataloguing and delivery on demand, including real-time H.320 video conference gateway with transcoding to Windows Media streaming.
  • Developed Linux-based support for Cisco Web Cache Control Protocol (WCCP v2) and a reference implementation of Windows Media Server 9 server-side playlists (SMIL).
Vividon Inc.
Sudbury, Mass.
[merged with StarBak Communications, Feb. 2003]
OS Software Engineer
Jun. 2000 – Jan. 2003
  • Operating system kernel and file system development supporting a very high performance streaming media Internet appliance, based on the MIT Exokernel research projects
  • Carrier-class Streaming Delivery Accelerator (SDA™) caching proxy with ExOS on Intel x86
  • Proprietary filesystem, SCSI driver support and network protocol support for Vividon SDA
  • SDA-compatible cache and proxy support for Red Hat Linux with Cisco WCCP v2 and 'squid' for multiprotocol traffic
  • Prototype SDA extensions for MPEG-2 Video On Demand
Hammer Technologies Inc.
Wilmington, Mass.
[spin-off from Teradyne as Empirix in 2000]
Project Engineer
Feb. 2000 – May 2000
  • System architecture and design coordination for the PacketSphere™ network analyzer and behavior emulator for Gigabit Next Generation Networking, using C-Port C5 packet interface processors and VxWorks on PowerPC in a CompactPCI chassis.
NorthStar Internetworking
Waltham, Mass.
[discontinued by Teradyne, Jan. 2000]
Chief Engineer
Sep. 1999 – Jan. 2000
  • Development & Beta qualification of NetFlare™ Internet Diagnostic Unit (IDU), PowerTool™ dial-up service verification and subscriber self-test systems, in a CompactPCI shelf platform running RedHat Linux 6.0 with Ariel T1/E1 RAS.
  • Inventor or co-inventor on 3 patent applications, U.S. and international, related to Internet testing and diagnostic technologies.
  • U.S. Patent 7,127,506 - PC Configuration Fault Analysis - granted 24-Oct-2006.
VideoServer Connections Inc.
Marlborough, Mass.
Consulting Engineer
Oct. 1997 – Feb. 1999
  • Multi-platform retargetable driver software for the BRIck™ family of ISDN BRI and PRI interface modules
  • BRIck™ carrier card designs for ISA + MVIP and PCI + H.100; product concept design for standalone ISDN inverse multiplexer
  • Reference design and prototype development of hardware and software for Leadtek TeleEye-384 set-top video conferencing terminal, based on 8x8 Inc. VCP multiprocessor SoC and VideoServer BRIck™-3S BRI module.
  • Windows DDK. Computer-based telephony standards: MVIP bus, H.100 and H.110, Plug and Play for ISA, PCI bus; PCI and USB hardware. Video Conferencing standards: H.320, H.221.
Augment Systems Inc.
Westford, Mass.
Chief Technology Officer
Nov. 1993 – Sep. 1997
  • Principal role in reorganization, restart, refinancing and design-stage IPO.
  • Concept, business plan, design and development of AFX 410 FibreChannel SuperServer, using "Skylab" multiprocessor M68K server acquired from Radius Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Architecture, detail design, and development of a NAS shared filesystem accessed over 1 Gb Fibre Channel FC-AL via Emulex FC-AL adapter for Power Macintosh and Windows NT
  • PowerPC native MacOS drivers; MacOS foreign file system; Windows NT drivers; Windows NT foreign file system; large multiprocessor VRTXsa-32 server with hardware RAID-3 array; distributed cluster control and management protocols; GUI-based server and RAID space management under MacOS.
Ungermann-Bass Inc.
Product Operations, Andover, Mass.
Chief Engineer
Apr. 1990 – Jul. 1993
  • Concept, design, development of Access/Open Network Servers; Peregrine Fibre Channel; Virtual Network Architecture (VNA); Chairman of Technical Review Board
  • Enterprise networking, Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring, SNNMP, RMON; 10Broad36, 10Base-T, 10Base-F (fiber), 100Base-TX, Bridges, Routers, Switches, Remote management, Active hubs.
Prime Computer Inc.
Technical Consulting, Framingham, Mass.
Principal Technical Consultant
Jun. 1985 – Nov. 1989
  • Corporation for Open Systems (COS) Strategy Forum, COS Architecture Committee; NetWare for UNIX with Novell; X/Open XNET, UNIX International Comms SIG
  • Prime Patent Review Committee, technology and product trends evaluation/analysis
  • ISO protocols, TCP/IP, PrimeNet X.25, SMTP, Adobe Postscript, Macintosh AppleTalk, RAID on SCSI, NetWare NCP, NETBIOS networking, UNIX System V
GTE Telenet Communications Corp.
Burlington, Mass.
Chief Scientist, PAD Architecture
Feb. 1981 – May 1985
  • TP3010 PAD for X.25, TP3101 Network Control Center, TP3025 X.25 Concentrator, TP3325 PAD/Concentrator, TP4000-II Switch; 3270 Display System Protocol (3270DSP)
  • CCITT X-series and V-series; IBM 3270 BSC and SNA/HDLC; Zilog microprocessors
Cambridge Telecommunications Inc.
Burlington, Mass.
[purchased October 1979 by GTE Telenet]
Manager, Front-End Software
Oct. 1978 – Jan. 1981
  • DMEP X.25 for the IBM 3704/3705; X.25 support for X.3/X.29, IBM 3270, x780, SNA/SDLC; specials for Bell Canada, Citibank, Manufacturers Hanover, Bell South
  • Managed engineering group of 5-8 people, plus hands-on development & field support work
Digital Equipment Corporation
Distributed Systems, Maynard, Mass.
Principal Software Engineer
Sep. 1976 – Sep. 1978
  • RSX-11M/3790 SNA Protocol Emulator; oversight of all IBM interconnect software products
  • DECnet Stage II design task force; DECnet Review Group (DRG) member
IBM Corporation
New England Programming Center, Burlington, Mass.
Cambridge Scientific Center, Cambridge, Mass.
Staff Programmer / Project Lead
Aug. 1971 – Aug. 1976
Senior Associate Programmer
Oct. 1968 – Jun. 1971
  • VM/370 Rel. 1.0; IBM SNA Architecture Board (AMB); VM/370 Rel. 3 CP Architect
  • Multiuser virtual machine / virtual memory operating system kernel; BSC and SNA protocols
  • CP-67/CMS; BSC Protocols; SketchPad-III interactive graphics; OnlineOS; NED Editor
  • System/370 Assembler, PL/1, IBM 1130, virtual machine, virtual memory, data comms
MIT Computation Center
Cambridge, Mass.
User Support Consultant
Feb. – May 1967 & Sep. 1967 – May 1968
System Programmer
Jun. 1967 – Aug. 1967
  • User support consultant (part-time), CTSS Time Sharing, IBSYS 7094 batch, OS/360 batch
  • System and utility programming, IBM OS/360-PCP, IBM Attached Support Processor (ASP), IBM S/360 Models 20, 40, 65. Fortran IV, PL/1, S/360 Assembly, Michigan Algorithm Decoder


Affiliations / Memberships / Recognition

  • Professional Member, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Associate Member, IEEE
  • Member, IEEE Communications Society
  • Member, IEEE Computer Society
  • Member, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society
  • Charter Life Member, National Space Society
  • Town of Reading, Town Meeting Representative, Precinct 3, 2004 – present
  • Town of Reading, Water, Sewer, Storm Water Mgmt Advisory Committee, 2005 – 2007
  • Town of Reading, Community Planning & Development Commission, 2007 – present
  • Quick Trick Newsletter Editor, Eastern Mass. Bridge Association, 2011
  • Silver Life Master, American Contract Bridge League, 2016
  • Recognized by Marquis Who's Who:
    Who's Who in the East, 23rd edition, 1991/1992
    Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America, 4th edition, 1994
    Who's Who in the World, 11th  and subsequent editions, 1994 – 2012
    Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2nd edition, 1995
    Who's Who in the Media and Communications, 1st edition, 1996
    Who's Who in Finance and Industry, 29th edition, 1997
    Who's Who in America, 51st and subsequent editions, 1992 – 2015


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