Mechanical Calculators
1960 - 1966


Monroe LN-160X Manual Bench Calculator

The ones that we learned to use at the Explorer Science Camp were, as best I remember, exactly these. You punched in a number operand, turned the large crank to load it into the 'accumulator', then used the 'butterfly' handle on the lower left to bump the carriage one digit left or right. There were specific procedures for each operation - add, subtract, multiply, divide.

Vintage Calculators Web Museum - Monroe LN-160X

The rear legs fold down to support the machine at a more comfortable angle for use.


Marchant Figurematic Model 10DRX

1950s Style
Designed by Joseph Sinel


Marchant Silent Speed Model 10ACT

1930s - 1940s
This is the one that I used a few times in 1966 at the Port Authority Research Department.

If you told it to divide by zero, it would run indefinitely...

John Wolff's Web MuseumThe Marchant Calculating Machine Company


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