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Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, computers were large and complex machines that required special power, ventilation, and temperature controls.  Some of the protection was for the electronics, other requirements were for the paper and magnetic media.  When I started working with computers in the mid 1960's, the typical environment was humidity and temperature controlled, often with a raised floor and a dropped ceiling.  Cables and power and cooling air ran under the floor; lighting and exhaust air traveled overhead.

S/360-40 System/360 Model 40
IBM 1052 typewriter console

S/360-50 complex System/360 Model 50
Batch Complex –
console, card reader/punch,
tapes and tape drives

S/360-65 console System/360 Model 65
front panel

S/360-67 complex
System/360 Model 67 – Time Sharing Complex
IBM 2314 disk drives, IBM 2301 paging drum,
IBM 2703 communications controller


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