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When I joined the Prime Computer Software Systems Engineering group in 1985, one of the other members of the group was working with a Macintosh 512 system and a laser printer with a PostScript adapter.  Back in those days, PostScript was new and laser printers were quite expensive; the PostScript adapter was a separate unit coupled to the laser engine of a 600 dpi printer.  The Macintosh had a very small screen, but it also had a software program called MacDraw and a one-button mouse.  I created these diagrams working in D-size (22" x 17"), then used the Postscript printer to render them as high-quality 8.5" x 11" pages.

The Department of Defense internet protocols were fairly well defined by the mid-1980's, but there was growing competition from the Open Systems Interconnection community.  Concurrent support for a variety of data communication methods was both a technical challenge and a market requirement.

JPEG DoD Internet Architecture (TCP/IP and Friends)
PDF Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Protocols
PDF PRIMOS™ Data Communications, 1985 - 1989


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