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CTX Logo Cambridge Telecommunications Inc.
5 Old Concord Road, Burlington MA
[purchased October 1979 by GTE Telenet Communications Corp.]
Cambridge Telecommunications was a privately-held contract engineering company founded by Rubin Gruber and Greg Burch, exploiting their experience with IBM-compatible terminal products at Sanders Associates in New Hampshire.

CTX changed focus in 1978 to develop microprocessor-based remote terminal hardware for packet networks, the CTX 9101 concentrator and the CTX 9301 management station.  The CTX 9101 was a rack-mountable chassis with optional hardware redundancy that provided expandable remote terminal connectivity based on Zilog Z80 processors.  The CTX 9301 used the same chassis built into a desk unit with four floppy disk drives (5.25") for local storage, to provide a central management station for the CTX 9101 concentrators.  The CTX 9301 ran with MP/M-80, the multiprogramming version of CP/M, on a Zilog Z80A processor.

In October 1979, Cambridge Telecommunications was purchased by Telenet Communications Corp. (TCC) of Tysons Corner, VA, shortly after Telenet itself had been acquired by General Telephone & Electronics Corp. (GTE).

  Rubin Gruber - Founder & President
Greg Burch - Founder & Vice President
Henry A. (Hank) Zannini - Hardware Engineer
Rick Epstein - Hardware Engineer
Mike Lento - Director of Manufacturing
William (Bill) Tao - Microprocessor Software Manager
Dave Tuttle - Front-End Software Manager
Leigh Saunders - Marketing & Support
Kim Tyndall - Documentation & Tech Pubs
Bob Bicknell - Software Engineer
John Coffey - Software Engineer
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