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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  
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Digital Logo Digital Equipment Corporation
Distributed Systems, ML5-5
146 Main Street, Maynard MA

Digital Equipment Corporation was founded in the 1960's to make small computers and software more available for both scientific and industrial uses. The initial technology was based on the TX-0 and PDP-1 (Personal Data Processor) machines that were developed at MIT in the early 1960's.

The Distributed Systems group was organized sometime in 1975 or 1976 to work on DECnet and other communication technologies for interconnecting computers.

  Mary Breslin - Group Manager
Cary Wyman - Software Manager
David Tuttle - Software Engineer
George Conant - Software Engineer
Peter Nesbeda - Software Engineer
Bob Rosenbaum - Software Engineer
Doug Fletcher - Software Engineer
Harvey Schlesinger - Software Manager
Dick Munroe - Software Engineer
Bart Bramley - Software Engineer
Luke Gillespie - Software Engineer
Dave Cutler - Software Director, VAX/VMS

Formerly at IBM New England Programming Center:

Ed Christiansen - Product Management
Patti Anklam - VAX/VMS
Joe Hutchinson - VAX/VMS
{vastly incomplete list}


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