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GTE Telenet Logo GTE Telenet Communications Corp.
20 Blanchard Road, Burlington, MA

Telenet Communications Corporation, headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA and later relocated to Reston, VA, was one of the pioneers of public data networking based on packet switching and the X.25 protocols. The company was purchased in May 1979 by General Telephone & Electronics (GTE). GTE Telenet then purchased privately-held Cambridge Telecommunications (CTX) in October 1979 to take advantage of its nascent microprocessor-based terminal concentrators and IBM-compatible software products.

Within 18 months of the CTX takeover, Hank Zannini, Bill Tao, Rick Epstein and Mike Lento left GTE Telenet to become the "initial" founders of ZTEL. Shortly after that, Greg Burch and Rubin Gruber also left, to become the founders of Davox Corp.

  (not ordered, not complete, various dates)
Rubin Gruber – Founder & President of CTX
Greg Burch – Founder & Vice President of CTX
Hank Zannini – Hardware Engineering
Bill Tao – Microprocessor Software Manager
Dave Tuttle – Front-End Software Manager, Senior Scientist, Chief Scientist
Rick Epstein – Hardware Engineering
Mike Lento – Director of Manufacturing
Paul Pescatore – Vice President & General Manager
Charlene Burke – Assistant to VP/GM
Rosamond Langella – Personnel Supervisor
Harvey Schlesinger – Market Development
Leigh Saunders – Marketing Support
Bob Richards – Marketing & Sales
Kim Tyndall – Documentation Manager
Andrea Davis – Technical Writer
Andrew Rodwin – Technical Writer
Diane Dumas – Word Processing
Bob Bicknell – Software Development
John Coffey – Software Development
Ian Agranat – Software Development
Alan Chin – Hardware Engineering Manager
Dror Seri – Hardware Engineering
Anne Parmigiane – Technical Administrator
Pradip Gosalia – Software Development
Tom Spada – Director of Manufacturing
Carl Magno – Production Control
Cindy McClellan – Materials Purchasing
Bob Cunha – Manufacturing
Dave Lavigne – Manufacturing System Test
Maureen Silver – Shipping
Bob Sclafani – Accounting Controller
Tom Tucker – Accounting
Judy Preston – Accounting
David Hiller – Field Support Supervisor
Jim Layden – Systems Engineering Supervisor
Gary Zarse – Systems Engineering
Steve Hansen – Systems Engineering
Paul Dattoli – Front-End Software Development
Lindsay O'Brien – Front-End Software Development
Ken Cates – TP3000 Software Development
Regis Cook – Quality Control & Test
Carol Powell – XNCP Software Development


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