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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  
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Hammer Logo Hammer Technologies Inc.
205 Lowell Street, Wilmington, MA
a Teradyne company
[spin-off with RSW Software in 2000 as Empirix Inc.]

Hammer Technologies was founded in 1991 to develop testing technology for the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) industry.  Hammer was acquired in 1995 by Teradyne Inc. and operated as an entrepreneurial division.  In 2000 Teradyne combined Hammer Technologies and RSW Software, another entrepreneurial subsidiary, to create Empirix Inc.

Hammer Technologies – Telephony World Buyer's Guide
Hammer It! VON & H.323 Solutions – June 1999

I transferred from Northstar Internetworking to Hammer Technologies in February 2000 when Teradyne discontinued the Northstar operation.  The "Fat City" project was getting started at that time, with a concept and a small group of microcode engineers.
  Henry Ho - "Fat City" Group Manager
David Tuttle - Project Engineer
- Hardware Engineer
- C5 Microcode Engineer
- VxWorks Engineer
Phil Brodsky - Product Management
(incomplete list)


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