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The IBM Data Processing Division Headquarters organization (DPD-HQ) sponsored five Scientific Center research groups in the United States and one or two oveseas, to work with selected universities on a variety of end-user-related projects. The IBM Research Division in Yorktown Heights, NY was a separate laboratory organization that tended more to "pure" research topics.  The DPD-HQ Scientific Centers in the late 1960's were located in Palo Alto, California, Houston, Texas, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Grenoble, France.  The IBM Time-Life Programming Center in Manhattan, New York worked with the scientific centers but had a slightly different reporting line, through the Industry Marketing and Development organization (DPD-IM&D).

The Cambridge Scientific Center was established in 1964, in the same building as MIT's Project MAC and the IBM Boston Programming Center (BPC).  The scientific center people collaborated with computing groups at both MIT and Harvard, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory outside of Boston, and Brown University in Providence, RI.

The Cambridge Scientific Center in 1968 had four main departments: Computer Graphics under Craig I. Johnson, Operations Research under John A. Harmon, Operating Systems under Richard I. Parmelee and CP-67/CMS under Richard A. Meyer. The CP-67/CMS group split out in June 1969, as noted below.  The center manager was Norman Rasmussen.

  Norman L. Rasmussen - Center Manager
Craig I. Johnson - Computer Graphics (CG) manager
Edson C. (Ed) Hendricks - Staff, CG
Robert (Bob) Seawright - Supplemental, CG
David B. Tuttle - Supplemental then Staff, CG, OS
Timothy I. (Tim) Johnson - MIT affiliate, CG
John Harmon - Operations Research (OR) manager
Don Hatfield - Staff, OR
Stuart Greenberg - Staff, OR
Jon Ravin - Staff, OR
Michael Fitz Crompton (MFC) Crick - Staff, OR
Richard P. (Rip) Parmelee - Operating Systems (OS) manager
Robert L. (Bob) Adair - Staff, OS
Paul J. Tardiff - Staff (IBM Canada), OS
Alain Auroux - Staff (IBM France), OS
Richard A. (Dick) Meyer - CP/CMS manager
Tom Rosato - Staff, CP/CMS
John A. Seymour - Staff, CP/CMS
John Xenakis - Staff, CP/CMS
Bobbie Jardine - Staff, CP/CMS
Al Springer - Staff, CP/CMS
Rosemary Shields - Staff, CP/CMS
Jonaton Yoshpe - Staff, CP/CMS
Stuart Madnick - MIT affiliate, CP/CMS
Love Seawright - IBM Boston, CP/CMS
Liz Levey - IBM Boston, CP/CMS
Les Comeau - prior Staff, CP/CMS
Robert J. (Bob) Creasy - prior Staff, CP/CMS
Richard (Dick) Bayles - prior Staff, CP/CMS
Harit Nanavati - prior Staff, CP/CMS
Fritz Giesin - Models Engineer, hardware
Noah Mendelsohn - Computer Operations manager
Donna MacIntyre - Administration, Computer Ops
Mark Dunn - Student co-op, Computer Ops
(incomplete list)

On June 23, 1969, IBM was forced to change the way that computer software was made available to its customers, to settle several anti-trust actions against the company.  One of the side effects was that the CP-67/CMS Development Group was moved from DPD-HQ organization into the DPD-IM&D hierarchy.  System Control Programming (SCP) software, essential to basic operation, was provided to IBM customers at no additional cost, but Program Product (PP) software was licensed and sold separately.


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