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24 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA
[discontinued August 1976 by IBM SDD]

Shortly after the System/370 Advanced Function announcement on August 2, 1972 of virtual storage and virtual machine support across all models of the IBM System/370 processor line, the VM/370 Development Group in Cambridge, MA was relocated to much larger quarters in the former Service Bureau Corporation building in Burlington, MA. At the same time, the entire group was transferred into the IBM System Development Division (SDD) with the other IBM operating system groups.

PDF   Virtual Machine Facility/370 - August 1972 Blue Letter
  Control Program (CP) & Conversational Monitor System (CMS)
System/370 Advanced Function – announced August 1972, shipped November 1972.
  Ed Christiansen - Center Manager, NEPC
S. Richard (Dick) Newson - Manager, VM-CP Development; VM Advanced Development
Richard A. Meyer - Manager, CP-67/CMS Development
Carl Young - VM-CP Development
Clyde Wildes - VM-CP Development
David Tuttle - VM-CP Development; VM Advanced Development
Larry Estelle - VM-CP Development
Ray Grein - VM-CP Development
George Saunders - VM-CP Development
Charlie Johnson - VM-CP Development
Mark Dunn - VM-CP Development
John A. Seymour - VM-CP Development
Ed Murray - VM-CP Development
Charlie Weagle - VM-CP Development
Carol Kowalski - Manager, VM-CP Development
Ken Brooke - Manager, VM Advanced Development
Tom Rosato - VM-CMS Development manager
John Xenakis - VM-CMS Development
Bob Downs - VM-CMS Development
Rosemary Shields - VM-CMS Development
Tom Hennesey - VM-CMS Development
Al Springer - VM-CMS Development
Domenic Lacava - VM/370 Release & Support
Patti Anklam - Technical Documentation
Joe Hutchinson -
Larry O'Dell -
Ron Snell -
Mike Ness -
Love Seawright - IBM Boston
Liz Levey - IBM Boston
(incomplete list)

In the Spring of 1976, IBM decided that VM/370 was a successful product and, as a "reward", announced the move of the development functions from Burlington, Masschusetts to Endicott and Poughkeepsie, New York. The New England Programming Center shut its doors at the end of August 1976, but the majority of its people did not accept the move within IBM.  Of the 115 or so people at NEPC, fully 28 of us were soon employed by Digital Equipment Corp. in Maynard.

Members of the "Class of 1976," a group picture taken shortly before NEPC was shut down:
  Joe Steene
David Kelleher
Barbara Whitehall
Bob Harris
Hank Schmitz
Shirley Schick
Jane Devlin
Gail Kokko
Patti Anklam
Dick Milley
Bill Barrett
John Shaw
Frank Smith
Tom Rosato
Jean Chase
Judy Marcus
Sharon Milley
Pauline Balutis
Paul Fay
Eddie McNeil
Charlie Johnson
Richard Pedersen
Tom Cafarella
Don Wagler
John Seymour
Alec Vlahos
Felix Puopolo
Maureen McGuigan
Dave Tuttle
Morgan Stewart
Geoff Bartlett
Ve Tavitian
Curt Endee
Bob Downs
Art Reid
Bob Goodman
Walt Wisnowski
Roger Thompson
Fred Horton
Bob Doherty
Lyn Hadley
Dick Seymour
Dave Waite
Joe Leary

VM/370 continued as a successful product long after the development and support functions were relocated from Burlington.  In the latter 1980's Melinda Varian of Princeton University picked up the role of historian for the VM Users Group project of SHARE ('Society to Help Alleviate Reproduced Effort'):

PDF   VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future - April 1991
PDF   VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future - August 1997


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