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Katana Technology Logo Katana Technology Inc.
43 Nagog Park, Acton, MA

stealth-mode precursor to Virtual Iron Software Inc.
purchased May 2009 by Oracle Inc.

Katana Technology was founded by Scott Davis, Alex Vasilevsky, Steve Noyes and Ben Thomas to develop a lower-cost alternative to large multiprocessor server systems. With initial financing and brief incubator support from Highland Capital and Matrix Partners, the founders assembled a team of experienced Operating System engineers from the Greater Boston talent pool created by the office automation, minicomputer, workstation, and high-end computing industries.

Quiet Katana secures funding - September 2003
Katana Technology Takes New Approach - December 2004
Making Big Iron from Lots of Little Iron - December 2004

  Scott Davis - Founder & President, Chief Technical Officer
Alex Vasilevsky - Founder & Chief Scientist, VP of Engineering
Mary Henry - Chief Financial Officer
Steve Noyes - Founder & Director of Engineering
Ben Thomas - Principal Software Engineer
Tom Goetz - Principal Software Engineer
Dave Winchell - Principal Software Engineer
David Lively - Principal Software Engineer
David Tuttle - Principal Software Engineer
Steve Ofsthun - Principal Software Engineer
Robert Phillips - Principal Software Engineer
Janet (Schank) Long - Software Engineer
(incomplete list)

Not long after I left Katana Technology in 2004, the company was briefly renamed VirtuOS Computing, then renamed again to Virtual Iron Software and relocated to offices in the Wang tower buildings in Lowell, Mass. Later in its corporate life, the Infiniband-based cluster virtualization was largely abandoned in favor of lower-cost, open-source Xen hypervisor capabilities. The virtual server management interfaces that had been developed for use with the Infiniband servers worked quite well with simpler back-end products.

In 2009 the company was acquired by Oracle Corp. and the Virtual Iron technology was comingled with the Oracle VM products.

Virtualization start-up picks new name, CEO - January 2005
Virtual Iron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Virtual Iron to Support Intel Virtualization Technology - March 2006
Xen startup Virtual Iron breaks ranks on paravirtualization - September 2006
Oracle Buys Virtual Iron - May 2009


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