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When I came to MIT as a freshman in the Fall of 1966, I already had the benefit of some training and quite a bit of hands-on experience both programming and operating computing machinery.  One of my dormitory "suite-mates" was a family friend from my home town, in his junior year.  His work background included a 1965 summer job as a computer operator in the New York City area, where he had once given me a chance to try running some programs on their IBM 1620 system.

At MIT, my roommate had a part-time job as a student operator of the brand-new IBM System/360 Model 65.  Through his access to the Computation Center job accounting codes, I had occasional access to use the machines for learning and experimentation.  During the first semester of my Freshman year, I spent a fairly large amount of time teaching myself how to program the OS/360 system.  I also spent many hours (on second and third shift, as an unpaid volunteer and unofficial helper) learning to operate the IBM unit record equipment used for feeding batch jobs into and printing output from the large IBM 7094 system.

The IBM 7094 on the first floor of Building 26 was, at that time, the main processing facility for the university.  It was a unique machine built for MIT by IBM, running the Compatible Time Sharing System, CTSS, developed at MIT in the early 1960's.  CTSS provided interactive terminal access for online users and interleaved conventional batch jobs on a machine-time-available basis.
John Lisle - student, roommate, part-time operator
Fred Abramson - student, roommate, Electrical Engineering
Larry Flesner - student, roommate, Physics
Bob Wright - student, scientific programming
Ed Hendricks - postgraduate student, programmed S/360 SpaceWar
Dave Tuttle - student, part-time user support consultant, system programmer
IBM Field Engineers - friendly and willing to teach
Dr. Francis Corbato - Director, MIT Computation Center
Dr. Whitesides - Professor of Chemistry, molecular structures
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