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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  
Company History, Business Genealogy, Colleagues


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December 1999
200 Fifth Avenue, Waltham, MA


Peter Schmidt -- General Manager
Hollie Schmidt -- Director of Operations
Jen Babcock -- Human Resources Manager
Shannon Kelter -- Recruiting Manager
David Rouille -- Patent Attorney
Rick Manz -- Operations
Bridget Goode - Receptionist

Sales and Support:

Peter White -- Director of Business Development
Pete Bolduc -- Sales
Deirdre Fitzgerald -- Marketing
Mark MacLean -- Manufacturing & Market Analysis
Lance Reed -- Manager of Information Technology

John Esposito -- Director of System Test
Bill Babcock -- System Test Manager
Bruce Neuwirth -- System Test Engineer

Product Development:

Phil Brodsky -- Director of Engineering
David Tuttle -- Chief Engineer
Davis Foulger -- Senior Engineer
Neelesh Agrawal -- Software Engineer
Tony Hughes -- Software Engineer
Michael Kahl -- Software Philospoher
Bill Minckler -- Software Engineer

Bob McElhaney -- Customer Applications Engineer
Bev Barry -- Customer Applications Engineer
Charlie Grzybinski -- Customer Applications Engineer

Bob Kupperstein -- Contract Software Engineer


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