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Prime Computer Logo Prime Computer Inc.
500 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, MA
hostile takeover of Computervision in 1988
privatized via leveraged buyout in 1989

Prime Computer was founded in the early 1970s to develop and market clones of the successful Honeywell small computers.  Prime Computer developed a series of machines of increasing capability while maintaining backward compatibility by way of multiple instruction sets and "modal" operation.  Shortly after the stock market crash of 1987, Prime undertook the purchase of Computervision Corp. to exploit its graphics technology.

PDF Creating Special Effects for a Star Trek Episode

During 1988 the Computervision purchase turned into a hostile takeover, then as now a rare occurrence for technology companies. Unfortunately the cost of that takeover made Prime itself vulnerable to a leveraged buyout attack in 1989 from MAI Basic Four, a value-added reseller of Prime Computer equipment that was substantially smaller. To fend off that buyout, Prime Computer was taken private in late 1989 by a "White Knight" financial group from New York.

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  Alan G. Nemeth - Technical Consulting Group
John Sidlo - Principal Technical Consultant
David B. Tuttle - Senior Technical Consultant, Principal Technical Consultant
Tony Pringle - Communications Hardware Manager, Principal Technical Consultant
Ed Feustel - Principal Technical Consultant
Doug Hunt - Senior Technical Consultant
Doug Rand - Senior Technical Consultant
Keith Allchin - Director of Communications Products
Scott Lawrence - Lead Engineer, Communications
Richard (Dick) Snyder - VP of Engineering
Ed Christiansen - Director of OS Software
Graeme Williams - OS Software Engineer
Jim McGrath - OS Software Engineer
Don Slutz - OS Software Engineer
Don Koch - Software Engineer
Jim Pepe - VP of Software Development
Len Halio - Director, Workstation Engineering
Vlad Geisberg - Director, CAD/Graphics Software
Deborah DuBourdieu - S/W Engineering Manager, Director of S/W Products
John B. Lisle - Product Quality Assurance
Tom Ganley - Product Quality Assurance
. . .
(vastly incomplete list)

Within 18 months of the leveraged buyout, Prime Computer was renamed Computervision to highlight its primary, remaining product line of industrial design and graphics modeling tools.  Several years later the company was purchased by and consolidated with Parametric Technologies Corporation (PTC).


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