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StarBak Logo StarBak Communications Inc.
29 Sawyer Road, Waltham, MA
foreclosure 2005 by Silicon Valley Bank

StarBak Communications was an angel-funded Columbus, OH company that merged with the remaining skeleton of Vividon in early 2003 and relocated to the Boston area, to expand both its workforce talent pool and its product set.  StarBak brought with it a Linux-based live video gateway that provided a bridge between H.323 videoconference protocols and Windows Media streaming protocols supported by the Vivdon SDA and VSM products.

StarBak aims to simplify streaming - November 2002
StarBak Communications Acquires Vividon Inc. - February 2003
RADVision and StarBak Interoperability Results in Multiplatform Video - December 2003

Alphabetical telephone list, May 2003:
  Steve Abrams -
Dan Acquafredda - (NJ)
Michael Benedict -
Mike Berlan - Software Engineer
Dominic Cameratta -
Joe Cameratta - (CLE)
Barb Cameratta - (CLE)
Ago Canepa - Software & Performance Test Manager
Greg Casale - CEO
Matthew Coelho -
Alex Cowan -
Sam Creasy -
Diane Dion - Office Manager, Admin Assistant
David Gelineau -
Tom Goetz - Software Engineer
Marcus Green - Software Engineer
Karen Gurwitz - (NJ)
Mark Hill - (CLE)
Ruth Holt - Administration
D'Anne Hurd - CFO & General Counsel
John M. Jamail - Principal Software Engineer
Adam Kaufman -
Eric Kraieski - Marketing & Sales
Blake Krohn -
Brian Ledbetter - Software Engineer
Jim Leonard - Software Engineer
Joe Malicki - Software Engineer
Chad Maue - Software Engineer
Harry Minnich -
Rebecca Moore -
Tom Pinckney - Exotec/Vividon founder
Ben Pinkerton -
Dwight (Dude) Poole - Software Engineer
Joel Raymond -
George Rodriguez - Software Engineer
Matt Schmitt -
Dan Schullman - Principal Software Engineer
Grant Stevens -
Jon Swinghammer - Software Engineer
Greg Thener -
Dave Tuttle - Principal Software Engineer
Doug Wyatt - Exotec/Vividon founder

The combination of the StarBak video gateway and the Vividon products was technically an effective solution in a not-yet-big-enough market segment. For most of the decade from 1995 on, the bandwidth cost of video conferencing and other video-based communications was prohibitive. StarBak Communications was taken over by its creditors, Silicon Valley Bank and Gold Hill Ventures Lending, in May 2005. A foreclosure sale in March 2007 marked the end of operations.

Curiously, the StarBak-plus-Vividon technology did not "stay dead" as normally happens. The broadband bandwidth explosion in the Internet era seems to have revived some interest in the video gateway capabilities.

Formal Notice to StarBak Shareholders - March 2007
Funding, new customers bring StarBak out of the dark - January 2008
BurstPoint Comes Out of Stealth with StarBak Tech at its Core - September 2010


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