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Ungermann-Bass Logo Ungermann-Bass Inc.
Product Operations Group
5 Corporate Drive, Andover, MA
a subsidiary of Tandem Computers

Ungermann-Bass Inc. was founded in 1981 by Ralph Ungermann and Charlie Bass to develop network infrastructure products for a variety of computer vendors. In 1988 the company was purchased by Tandem Computers and operated as an independent subsidiary, to preserve its "vendor-neutral" market position.

During the 1990's, Ungermann-Bass headquarters and network management software development were located in Santa Clara, California; network interface adapters were developed and supported out of Boca Raton, Florida; the flagship Access/One wiring hub, internetworking products, and embedded software were developed in Andover, Mass. Ungermann-Bass provided a wide range of LAN infrastructure products for Ethernet baseband at 10Mb (10Base5, 10Base2), Ethernet broadband at 5Mb and 10Mb (5Broad36, 10Broad36), IBM Token Ring at 4Mb and 16Mb, and FDDI at 100Mb. The U-B Access/One product line included PC and workstation LAN adapters, multi-protocol LAN bridges, rack-mount and standalone wiring hubs with network management capabilities.

Ungermann-Bass was the first to introduce Net/One products for Ethernet LAN support over unshielded twisted pair wiring, the precursor to Ethernet 10BaseT, and U-B was a pioneer in the development of managed LAN infrastructure and wiring. U-B also was a pioneer in the development of Ethernet layer-two switching, as an extension of its bridge products. In 1992 a joint project was started with Bolt, Beranek, & Newman (BB&N) to focus on the emerging Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology, and a team of former Digital Equipment Corp. engineers were brought in under Bruce McClure to investigate future LAN wiring and internetworking technology.

  Ralph Ungermann - President & CEO
Wayne Benoit - VP & GM, Product Operations
Didier Moretti - VP & GM, Network Management (CA)
Allwyn Sequeira - Director, Network Management (CA)
Tom Cheatham - Director, Advanced Development
Brad Noblet - Director, Hardware Engineering
David Tuttle - Chief Engineer
Bob Brand - Principal Hardware Engineer
Marvin Scheinbart - ASIC Hardware Engineer
Frank Wereska - Manufacturing & Facilities
Martin Horne - Embedded Software Engineer
Bruce McClure - Principal Engineer
Frank Solensky - Software Engineer
Steve DesRochers - Software Engineer
John Pacheco - Software Engineer
John Poulin - Software Engineer
Greg Pegram - Software Engineer
Bob Berger - Software Engineer
Carl Hayssen - Software Engineer
Mick Scully - Product Marketing
Joe Hielscher - Product Marketing
Mike Ladam - Software Engineer, Product Manager
Tom Ford - Technical Support
(incomplete list)

In the summer of 1993, at the end of his five-year takeover agreement, Ralph Ungermann resigned to pursue other opportunities and Roel Pieper took over as CEO. Ungermann-Bass was substantially reorganized by Tandem and my position (Chief Engineer) was eliminated. The joint ATM project was spun out of both U-B and BB&N to form LightStream Corporation. LightStream built a successful ATM switch, the Lightstream 2010, and was acquired by Cisco Systems in December 1994. Ralph Ungermann and Allwyn Sequeira (of the Santa Clara network management team) got back together later in 1993 and founded First Virtual Corporation to develop and market a line of desktop ATM products.

Tandem Computers changed the name to UB Networks in 1994. UB Networks under Roel Pieper provided network management and network application products along with comprehensive integration services. UB Networks was acquired from Tandem Computers by Newbridge Networks Corp. in January 1997. Newbridge Networks acquired and sold a variety of other networking companies and components over a period of several years, then it was acquired in turn by Alcatel Inc. in May 2000.


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