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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  
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213 Burlington Road, Bedford MA
VideoIQ was formed out of a product group in General Electric, to exploit the digital video analytics algorithms developed by Mahesh Saptharishi and Aleksey Lipchin.  Products provided high-quality video cameras designed for network deployment, paired with video encoders and distributed storage elements to manage network resource requirements for real-time video processing and recording.
  Aleksey Lipchin - Analytics Software Engineer
Anita Blanchard -
Annita Tanini -
Barry Gravante - Platform Engineering Team Lead
Brian Karas -
Caley Iandiorio -
Chris Chen - Platform Engineer
Chris Kopec - Device Management Software Engineer
David Tuttle - Platform Engineer
Dave Mizzoni - Hardware Test & Support Engineer
Dennis Wilbur -
Doug Marman -
Dusti Douglas -
Ed Bednarcik - CEO
Eric Schneider - Video Software Engineer & Customer Support
Holly Tsourides -
Igor Reyzin -
Joshua Kern - Quality Assurance, Intern
Judy Campbell -
Kevin Piette - Device Management & Cloud Services Team Lead
Kim Malenfant -
Kshitij Lohani - Quality Assurance, Intern
Levi Glozman - Device Management Software Engineer
Mahesh Saptharishi - CTO
Mark DeDonato - Quality Assurance Manager
Marianne Rocco -
Michael Ushomirsky - Windows Interface Software Engineer
Rick Hennessey - Hardware Engineering Manager
Sergio Parise - VP Engineering
Shekhat Yadav -
(incomplete list)


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