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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  
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4 Mount Royal Avenue, Marlborough MA
a VideoServer company
[VideoServer renamed 1999 to Ezenia! Inc.]
VideoServer Connections of Middleton, RI was a subsidiary of VideoServer of Burlington, MA. The Connections group was responsible for ISDN and WAN interface hardware and software, supporting the parent company mission of video conference gear. The small engineering group in Marlborough, MA was comprised of people from Proteon who were unable or unwilling to move down to Rhode Island.

VideoServer Changes Name to Ezenia! Inc. – 1999

  Tony Pringle - Department Manager
Tom Daly - Hardware Design Engineer
Mike Boutin - Hardware Layout Engineer
Dave Tuttle - Software Engineer
one other - Hardware Engineer

Middleton, RI people:

Burlington, MA (VideoServer) people:


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