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142 North Road, Sudbury MA
merged January 2003 into StarBak Communications
Exotec Inc. was founded by Tom Pinckney and Doug Wyatt of MIT, to exploit the ExoKernel technology developed at MIT. (cf MIT Industrial Liaison Office, Dr. M. Franz Kaashoek, Dawson R. Engler, et alia.) The company was renamed Vividon Inc. in 2001.

ExoKernel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Early-Stage info on Vividon Inc.
NetWorld World Class Award: Vividon's SDA and VSM - December 2001
Patent Application - April 2002
Systems and Methods for Applying a Quality Metric To Caching and Streaming of Multimedia Files
Samsung and Korea WISEnut Stream with Vividon - April 2002
StarBak Communications Acquires Vividon Inc. - January 2003

  David Ellenberger - CEO
Carl Zuckerman - Founder & VP Engineering
Bruce Leichtman - VP Corporate Strategy
Tom Pinckney - Founder & President
Doug Wyatt - Founder & CTO
Russell Hunt - Founder & Principal Software Engineer
Joshua Cates - Principal Software Engineer
D'Anne Hurd - CFO & General Counsel
Ben Thomas - VP Software Engineering
Garry Kessler - Software Engineering Manager
Chris (Proven) Provenzano - Principal Software Engineer
Mark Schlowsky-Fischer - Principal Software Engineer
David Tuttle - Software Engineer
Tom Goetz - Software Engineer
Dan Schullman - Software Engineer
Tom Morrison - Software Engineer
Lynn Swenson - Technical Writer
Reid Gray - Technical Writer
Ago Canepa - Software & Performance Test Manager
Jim Sivak - Software & Performance Test Engineer
(incomplete list)


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