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Augment Logo Augment Systems Inc.
2 Robbins Road, Westford, MA
  • Founded 1990 - Lorrin Gale, Chappell Cory III
  • Centric Systems proposal & refinancing, 1995
  • Development-stage IPO (AUGS) May 1997
  • AFX-210/410 introduced September 1997 at PRINT 97 trade show
  • Liquidated February 1999

Augment Systems was a privately-held company founded in 1990 by Lorrin Gale and Chap Cory, formerly of Masscomp and divisional management at Digital Equipment Corp.  The early product work centered on specialized high-performance I/O interfaces for the professional graphics and digital printing industry.  Augment also provided technology support services to some of the Boston area commercial printers, notably Arthur Morgan and Company.

In 1995 Augment acquired an option on "Skylab" server technology which had been developed by Radius Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA.  With a new business plan based on exploiting that technology for the color prepress industry, Augment obtained a small amount of private financing towards the end of 1995 and, in May 1997, completed a design-stage IPO for primary financing.  The AFX-210 and AFX-410 systems were introduced and demonstrated at the PRINT 97 trade show in September 1997.

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