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Avigilon Inc. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a product line based on digital video surveillance and threat detection technology.  In October 2014, Avigilon completed the acquisition of VideoIQ Inc. and key patents associated with the VideoIQ products.  Several members of the senior management and technical staff of VideoIQ relocated to Vancouver and took leading roles in the combined company.

The Avigilon product family includes a range of sophisticated cameras for network deployment, with associated control and monitoring software.  The VideoIQ products include standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) video cameras with embedded video analytics and, in some cases, local video data storage; analog-input and digital via IP video encoders with analytic capabilities, internal storage, motorized focus and a remote pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) option.  All of the products have audio input, audio output, contact-closure alarm inputs, alarm signal outputs and C-type relay outputs that can be triggered by rules-based event configuration.

The work that I was brought in for included platform software for standalone and rackable multi-channel encoders with multiple channels of analog SD video or digital video via IP, SD and/or HD.

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Notable projects & activities:

  • Updated board-specific Linux configuration and platform device drivers for Rialto multi-channel video bridge (GPIO, NAND flash, video encoder, Ethernet).
  • Updated U-Boot board-specific support and NAND flash programming.
  • Modified U-Boot sequences for normal boot, 'Factory Restore' and firmware upgrade.
  • Updated and extended product-specific logging data capture and analysis scripts.
  • Modified Rialto startup and initialization, periodic health monitor, logging.
  • Added Rialto Linux and U-Boot support for backplane interface with NAS controller.
  • Developed source control and release engineering for U-Boot and Linux support for Cogent CSB1724-based NAS controller module.

Documents, Presentations, Papers:

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