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GTE Telenet Logo GTE Telenet Communications Corp.
20 Blanchard Road, Burlington, MA

Telenet Communications Corporation, headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA and later in Reston, VA, was one of the pioneers of public data networking based on packet switching and the X.25 protocols. The company was purchased in May 1979 by General Telephone & Electronics (GTE). GTE Telenet then purchased privately-held Cambridge Telecommunications (CTX) in October 1979 to take advantage of its nascent microprocessor-based terminal concentrators and IBM-compatible software products.

PDF GTE Telenet Burlington – 1981 Newsletter

Notable projects & activities:

  • Managed a group of 5 to 8 programmers, 1979-1981, responsible for development and field support of DMEP network software for the IBM 370x controllers. Standard products included X.25, X.3/X.29, IBM 3270, x780, SNA/SDLC. Traveled regularly for sales support, new installations and on-site customer support.
  • Architectural direction and technical leadership, 1981-1985, for microprocessor-based PAD products in CCITT X.25, X.3/X.29, IBM 3270, BSC, and SNA networks. Technical consultant to marketing and sales groups, customers, and external protocol standards groups.
  • Participated in software and hardware design and development of single and multiple microprocessor PAD and X.25 concentrator products, PC-based and supermini-based network service and control processors.
  • Telenet representative to GTE corporate task forces on integrated voice/data networks, digital switching architecture, and carrier network services.

Documents, Presentations, Papers:

  • 3270 Display System Protocol, 3270DSP
    Industry standard issued August 1981, jointly by GTE Telenet, Tymnet and Datapac, with endorsement from Memorex and Tymshare.
    Updated second edition issued July 1983.
  • HPAD, An HDLC Packet Assembler/Disassembler Protocol for X.25 Networks
    Industry standard issued 1984, jointly by GTE Telenet and IBM.


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