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545 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA
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The Cambridge Scientific Center was located on the 3rd and 4th floors of 545 Technology Square, close behind MIT and in the same building as MIT's Project MAC and the IBM Boston Programming Center (BPC).  The scientific center in 1968 had four main departments: Computer Graphics under Craig Johnson, Operations Research under John Harmon, Operating Systems under Richard (Rip) Parmelee and the CP-67/CMS group under Richard (Dick) Meyer.  The center manager was Norman Rasmussen.

At the end of the academic year in 1968, I applied to the Scientific Center for a summer job, taking advantage of my acquaintance with Ed Hendricks at MIT the previous year.  Nothing was available for the summer, but I was able to talk them into a part-time position with the Computer Graphics group when classes started up again in the Fall.  In January of 1969 I withdrew from MIT and joined IBM as a full-time employee.

Notable projects & activities:

  • Binary Synchronous communications (BSC) software for OS/360 operating in a CP-67 virtual machine
  • PL/1 programming under OS/360 for Sketchpad III graphical objects database
  • Interactive "shell" commands for running compilers, linking objects, and running programs under ONLINE/OS in a CP-67 virtual machine
  • BSC adapter and line printer drivers for the IBM 1130
  • Designed and implemented a non-system-specific context-directed editor, NED, with embedded macro capability and extensible file format recognition
  • Assisted during CSC joint project with Brown University on their HyperText Editing System
  • Assisted prototype development of CP-67 virtual machine support for S/360-67 multiprocessors and dynamic address translation
  • Transferred from CSC to CP-67 Development group (DPD Industry Marketing & Development) for initial work on VM/370-CP

Documents, presentations, papers:

  • Introduction to ONLINE/OS – E. C. Hendricks, C. I. Johnson, R. D. Seawright, D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2036, March 1969.
  • ONLINE/OS User's Guide – E. C. Hendricks, C. I. Johnson, R. D. Seawright, D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2037, March 1969.
  • Notes on Design Objectives and Implementation under OS/360 of a General Purpose Binary Synchronous Telecommunications Package for Multi-Programmed Applications in OS/360 – E. C. Hendricks and D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2047, August 1969.
  • BSCCA: An Interrupt Service Subroutine for Binary Synchronous Operation of the IBM 1130 Synchronous Communications Adapter – D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report ZZ20-2096, October 1969.
  • Context Editors, Part II: A Context Directed Editor – D. B. Tuttle;
    IBM Cambridge Scientific Center Report 320-2048, March 1970.
  • HOTLINE: A Binary Synchronous Access Method – E. C. Hendricks and D. B Tuttle;
    IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin WA8-70-0091, September 1970.


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