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24 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA
[discontinued August 1976 by IBM SDD]

Shortly after the System/370 Advanced Function announcement on August 2, 1972 of virtual storage and virtual machine support across all models of the IBM System/370 processor line, the VM/370 Development Group in Cambridge, MA was relocated to much larger quarters in the former Service Bureau Corporation building in Burlington, MA.  At the same time, the entire group was transferred into the IBM System Development Division (SDD) with the other IBM operating system groups.

Notable projects & activities:

  • Extensive kernel development of VM/370-CP basic features:
    S/370 privileged instruction simulation, virtual DAT, virtual console I/O, virtual device attach, detach, define, dial, virtual channel-to-channel adapter (CTCA), Program Event Recording (PER), real terminal I/O, real DASD I/O
  • Designed and implemented multilevel source update and build facilities (vmfupdate, vmfasm) for product development and field support
  • Regular attendee at SHARE and GUIDE user group meetings, 1970-1974
  • System Architect, VM/370 Control Program, 1974-1975
  • VM/370 delegate, IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) Architectural Maintenance Board, 1973-1976
  • Technical reviewer, IBM SNA Formats and Protocols Reference Manual v1.0, 1976

Documents, Presentations, Papers:

  • VM/370 Support for the 3704/3705 Programmable Communication Control Units
    SHARE User Group presentation, August 1974
PDF   VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future
Melinda Varian, Office of Computing and Information Technology, Princeton University, April 1991, with Appendix "Dave Tuttle's Memoirs"


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