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Katana Technology Logo Katana Technology Inc.
43 Nagog Park, Acton, MA

stealth-mode precursor to Virtual Iron Software Inc.
purchased 2009 by Oracle Inc.

Katana Technology was founded in 2003 by Scott Davis, Alex Vasilevsky, Steve Noyes and Ben Thomas to develop a lower-cost alternative to large multiprocessor server systems. The initial product target was a server cluster interconnected by Infiniband, running a proprietary microkernel that provided a scalable virtual machine environment for a suitably modified Red Hat Linux system. A separate management station provided interactive provisioning, monitoring, performance and statistics for the virtual server resources.

Notable projects & activities:

  • Technology and vendor evaluation of Infiniband products by Topspin, Mellanox, Voltaire
  • Assisted in FreeBSD kernel port of Topspin Infiniband interface software
  • Designed and developed Katana Microkernel virtual I/O support
  • Designed and developed non-blocking multi-thread kernel services for cluster commnuications over Infiniband, including RDMA and atomic operations
  • Duplicated microkernel Infiniband services over 100Mb Ethernet for internal development
  • Implemented microkernel support and drivers for SMBIOS, DMI and IPMI, for Dell and HP rackable servers

Documents, presentations, papers:


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