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a Teradyne company
Northstar Internetworking was an internal startup group within Teradyne, staffed by Peter Schmidt with a core of engineers from Midnight Networks and other groups. The initial product target was the NetFlare™ Internet Diagnostic Unit (IDU) that exploited the Midnight Networks protocol libraries in a Red Hat Linux 6.0 environment, for a variety of communications test and analysis capabilities.

The basic IDU configuration was a 5U rack-mount chassis with a CompactPCI backplane and a device bay. The processor blade provided an Intel Pentium platform for Red Hat Linux. Additional blades provided T1/E1 digital interfaces for up to 64 channels of dial-in networking support, in a common-carrier-class hardware package.

Cast of characters, December 1999

Notable projects & activities:

  • Supervised completion of initial development and started Beta Test at British Telecom less than two months after joining the group.
  • Component selection and vendor negotiation for NetFlare™ Internet Diagnostic Unit (IDU)
  • Red Hat Linux 6.0 kernel builds and driver update for support of Ariel RS-6000 T1/E1 interfaces with 24 on-board 56K digital modems
  • Component evaluation and Linux support of Compact Flash PCMCIA card for software distribution and boot device
  • Technology and market exploration of alternate uses for NetFlare™ hardware and software technology
  • Assisted in orderly shutdown of Northstar and redeployment of personnel within other Teradyne organizations

Documents, Presentations, Papers:

  • NetFlare™ Product Family - PowerPoint presentation, October 1999
  • Brainstorm 99/12 - PowerPoint presentation, December 1999
  • PC Configuration Fault Analysis [co-inventor] - Patent application
    filed April 2000 in U.S. and Europe by Teradyne Inc.;
    U.S. Patent 7,127,506 granted October 2006
  • Network Transaction Stress Amplifier [inventor] - Patent application
    filed May 2000 in U.S. and Europe by Teradyne Inc.

The Northstar Internetworking group was discontinued in January 2000 and the people were redistributed within other Teradyne groups, notably RSW Software in Waltham, MA and Hammer Technologies in Wilmington, MA. The NetFlare™ IDU technology lived on; it was transferred to a Teradyne common-carrier testing products group in Deerfield, IL.

Netflare - See the light Training Catalog for Celerity and NetFlare Systems - June 2000
NetFlare Installation Quick Reference - May 2001
NetFlare Diagnostic System Install & Config Guide - June 2001


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