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David B. Tuttle, Principal Engineer  
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Technical Consulting Group
500 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, MA

Notable projects & activities:

  • Prime Computer delegate, Corporation for Open Systems (COS) Strategy Forum
  • COS Strategy Forum Nominating Committee
  • COS Strategy Forum Architecture Committee
  • OSI/NM Forum, UNIX International Communications SIG
  • X/Open XNET Working Group
  • Prime Computer Patent Review Committee
  • Prime Computer delegate, joint Board of Directors meeting of COS, SPAG (Standards Promotion and Advisory Group) and European Commission (EC), Brussels, Belgium
  • Extensions and ongoing support for internal EMACSMail package, a multi-service PrimeOS email client implemented in PEEL (Prime EMACS Extended Lisp)

Documents, presentations, papers:

  • Open Systems Interconnection Service Definition Abstracts -
    Prime Engineering Technical Report, PE-T-1328, June 1986
  • The EMACSMail System, Version 86.01 User's Guide -
    Prime Engineering Technical Report, PE-T-1333, October 1986
  • Reference Listing of ISO and CCITT Data Communications Standards -
    Prime Engineering Technical Report, PE-T-1358, October 1986
  • The EMACSMail System, Version 86.12 User's Guide -
    Prime Engineering Technical Report, PE-T-1333 Rev. 1, March 1987
  • Protocol Maps & Roadmaps - 1985 and later, MacDraw 1.6
    JPEG DoD Internet Architecture (TCP/IP and Friends)
    PDF Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Protocols
    PDF PRIMOS™ Data Communications, 1985 - 1989


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