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100 Conifer Hill Drive, Danvers, MA

SafeNet Inc. is the result of a series of technology and company combinations. The corporate history is best explained online, Safenet History. There are product groups and management elements in diverse locations, providing both government-qualified security products and commercial-grade high-security products. I worked in the commercial-grade arena on one of the StorageSecure™ hardware security module (HSM) products, as a contractor on assignment through Symphony Services Engineering in Westford, Mass.

The basic HSM unit was a secured rack-mount chassis with physical intrusion detection and key management, with multi-token authentication and SmartCard sets.

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Notable projects & activities:

  • Implemented physical intrusion alarm notification and event processing.
  • Extended inter-processor PCI interfaces to pass event notifications and state data.
  • Developed named semaphore interfaces for multi-thread cross-process communications.
  • Unit test and documentation for alarm interface.
  • Successfully passed full QA test suite.

Documents, presentations, papers:

  • (details under non-disclosure)


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