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Symmetric Logo Symmetric Computing Inc.
Venture Development Center
University of Massachusetts
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125
Symmetric Computing was founded in January 2009 to develop affordable supercomputing technology for bioinformatics, life sciences, engineering simulation, energy management, and financial analysis.  In October 2010, Symmetric Computing was awarded one of 16 MassChallenge start-up grants in the annual competition, among a field of 446 worldwide candidates.  Provisional patent applications have been filed for Distributed Symmetric Multiprocessing (DSMP™) based on directly-connected InfiniBand® clusters of AMD Opteron® multicore processor servers with very large physical memory.

Each node in the DSMP™ system contains four AMD Opteron™ processors, each with up to 16 CPU cores and an integral DDR3 memory controller.  Node memory capacity is up to 512 GBytes.  Up to 6 SATA/SAS disk storage drives, 1 or 2 TBytes each, can be installed.  The Duo™ nodes include a single-port InifiniBand interface adapter for 40 Gb/s or 56 Gb/s operation.  The Trio™ nodes include two single-port InifiniBand interface adapters for 40-56 Gb/s links to each of the other nodes.

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Notable projects & activities:

  • Experienced local earth tremors and building evacuation caused by August 2011 earthquake in Virginia, during first interview at UMass VDC.
  • Setup Microsoft Windows Enterprise server for internal use.
  • Setup OpenSuSE Linux server and CVS source control for Engineering support services.
  • Designed and developed release engineering procedures for machine-specific kernel builds and software distribution.
  • Provided hardware first-article inspection and software installation (Avnet, Acton MA).
  • Updated direct-connect InfiniBand drivers for 2-node Duo and 3-node Trio operation with Mellanox 40 Gb/s InfiniBand adapters.
  • Setup for and joined in company expedition to SuperComputing 2011 (SC11) annual trade show, Seattle WA.
  • On-site software installation of first product sold, 768GB Trio™ cluster at UMass Boston data center.
Symmetric Trio Symmetric Trio™ System
192 cores, AMD Opteron® @ 3.6 GHz
768 GB or 1536 GB memory
6 to 36 TByte disk storage
Symmetric Duo Symmetric Duo™ System
128 cores, AMD Opteron® @ 3.6 GHz
512 GB or 1024 GB memory
4 to 24 TByte disk storage


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