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Ungermann-Bass Logo Ungermann-Bass Inc.
5 Corporate Drive, Andover, MA
a subsidiary of Tandem Computers
Ungermann-Bass was founded by Ralph Ungermann and Charlie Bass in Santa Clara, CA. It was purchased by Tandem Computers in 1988 and operated as an independent subsidiary. Company headquarters and network management software development was in Santa Clara, CA; network interface adapters were developed and supported out of Boca Raton, FL; the Access/One wiring hub, internetworking products, and embedded software were developed in Andover, MA.

Ungermann-Bass provided a wide range of LAN networking products for Ethernet baseband (10Base5, 10Base2), Ethernet broadband (10Broad36), IBM token ring, and FDDI. The U-B Access/One product line included PC and workstation LAN adapters, multi-protocol LAN bridges, rack-mount and standalone wiring hubs with network management capabilities.

Ungermann-Bass was the first to introduce Net/One products for Ethernet LAN support over unshielded twisted pairs, the precursor to Ethernet 10BaseT, and was a pioneer in the development of managed LAN infrastructure and wiring.

Notable projects & activities:

  • Chairman of the Product Operations Technical Review Board (TRB)
  • Member of Ungermann-Bass Technology Council
  • Instigator, architect, and Project Engineer for Bandstand (Access/Open), 1991 - 1992
  • Instigator and architect for Peregrine FibreChannel gateway project (Ungermann-Bass, Emulex, Siemens Controls), 1992 - 1993
  • Principal contributor to Virtual Network Architecture definition, 1992 - 1993

Documents, presentations, papers:

  • Enterprising Networks - Communication Networks Perspectives for the 1990s -
    PowerPoint presentation; U-B Advanced Engineering, February 1990
  • "I-Net", The Intelligent Network - Preliminary Concepts & Possibilities -
    PowerPoint presentation; U-B Advanced Engineering, April 1990
  • Notes on X.25 Capability for Net/One and Access/One -
    System Architecture File report; U-B Advanced Engineering, June 1990
  • Access/One Requirements, Assumptions, Conclusions, Alternatives -
    PowerPoint presentation; U-B Advanced Engineering, February 1991
  • Token Ring Support PDT Review -
    PowerPoint presentation; February 1991
  • Preliminary System Description - Bandstand "Medley" -
    Ungermann-Bass Inc., July 1991
  • Preliminary Functional Specification - Bandstand Management -
    Ungermann-Bass Inc., September 1991
  • Bandstand Management - Demo Version -
    Ungermann-Bass Inc., October 1991
  • A View to the Future -
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., November 1991
  • Technical Review Board Purposes and Procedures -
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., January 1992
  • Bandstand Project, aka Access/Open -
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., January 1992
  • Peregrine FibreChannel Gateway Proposal -
    PowerPoint presentation to TRB; Ungermann-Bass Inc., May 1992
  • Peregrine System Description -
    Ungermann-Bass Inc., September 1992
  • Network Computers -
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., January 1993
  • Engineer's Notes - Access/One and Access/Open -
    Ungermann-Bass Inc., March 1993
  • Virtual Network Architecture (VNA) - Architectural Framework -
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., May 1993
  • Virtual Network Architecture (VNA) - Physical Layer Features -
    PowerPoint presentation; Ungermann-Bass Inc., July 1993


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