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213 Burlington Road, Bedford, MA
VideoIQ was formed out of a product group in General Electric, to exploit the digital video analytics algorithms developed by Mahesh Saptharishi and Aleksey Lipchin for real-time video surveillance and threat detection.  The deployed products include standard-definition (SD) video cameras with embedded video analytics and local video data storage, analog-input SD encoders with the same capabilities, high-definition (HD) video cameras with similar analytics, internal storage, motorized focus and a remote pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) option.  All of the products have audio input, audio output, contact-closure alarm inputs, alarm signal outputs and a C-type alarm relay.

The Rialto product family that I worked on included standalone and rackable multi-channel encoders with multiple channels of analog SD video or digital video via IP, SD and/or HD.

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Notable projects & activities:

  • Updated board-specific Linux configuration and platform device drivers for Rialto multi-channel video bridge (GPIO, NAND flash, video encoder, Ethernet).
  • Updated U-Boot board-specific support and NAND flash programming.
  • Modified U-Boot sequences for normal boot, 'Factory Restore' and firmware upgrade.
  • Updated and extended product-specific logging data capture and analysis scripts.
  • Modified Rialto startup and initialization, periodic health monitor, logging.
  • Added Rialto Linux and U-Boot support for backplane interface with NAS controller.
  • Developed source control and release engineering for U-Boot and Linux support for Cogent CSB1724-based NAS controller module.

Documents, Presentations, Papers:

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