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4 Mount Royal Avenue, Marlborough, MA
a VideoServer company
[VideoServer renamed 1999 to Ezenia! Inc.]
VideoServer Connections of Middleton, RI was a subsidiary of VideoServer of Burlington, MA. The Connections group was responsible for ISDN and WAN interface hardware and software, supporting the parent company mission of video conference gear. The small engineering group in Marlborough, MA was comprised of people from Proteon who were unable or unwilling to move down to Rhode Island.

Notable projects & activities:

  • Developer's kit portable driver software for BRIck™ ISDN BRI and PRI interface modules
  • BRIck™ carrier card designs for ISA + MVIP and PCI + H.100
  • Product concept design for standalone ISDN inverse multiplexer (IMUX)
  • Prototype design & software implementation for Teletek TeleEye-384 video conferencing endpoint terminal

Documents, Presentations, Papers:

  • Functional Specification, PCI BRIck™ Carrier Card -
    Dave Tuttle & Tom Daly, VideoServer Connections Inc., March 1998
  • DVC9-ISDN Reference Design Kit Adaptation for BRI Brick™ Support -
    Project Proposal for 8x8 Inc.; VideoServer Connections Inc., August 1998
  • System Design Specification, DVC9-Brick™ Reference Design Kit -
    VideoServer Connections Inc., January 1999


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