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142 North Road, Sudbury, MA
[merged into StarBak Communications, January 2003]
Exotec Inc. was founded by Tom Pinckney and Doug Wyatt of MIT, to exploit the ExoKernel technology developed at MIT. (cf MIT Industrial Liaison Office, Dr. M. Franz Kaashoek, Dawson R. Engler, et alia.) The company was renamed Vividon in 2001.

Notable projects & activities:

  • Designed & implemented 'fsck' for ExOS CFFS+ Clustering Fast File System
  • Redesigned XOK ExoKernel memory mapping and restructured ExOS for 4GB address space
  • Redesigned and implemented ExOS CFFS+ disk block allocation, to dramatically improve performance of large filesystems (> 64 GB)
  • XOK ExoKernel architecture-specific support for Dell 1650/2650 rackable servers
  • XOK kernel driver porting for Tigon2 & Intel GbE and Q-Logic SCSI adapters
  • Designed & implemented multithread asynchronous file I/O library on RedHat Linux 8.x
  • Designed & implemented Cisco WCCP v2 daemon on Linux for multiprotocol cache & proxy

Documents, presentations, papers:


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