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I started organizing this collection in the 1990's when my cable company was called MediaOne.  After some years of ISP dial-up, I finally had Internet access that wasn't limited by the telephone line and modem speed.  CompuServe© and AOL™ actually began to be useful.

Several years later the century changed and network services kept evolving.  First came RoadRunner, later taken over by AT&T Broadband, then eventually settling on Comcast.  Bundled with the cable television and Internet service was a feature called "Personal Web Pages" that you could select, allowing each Comcast e-mail user to publish some HTML to the world.

For many years this site was split across several Comcast user accounts, both to organize items and to get around Web space limits.  Some years ago Comcast admitted that online storage had become inexpensive and bumped the per-user limits way up.  Since then I have been spending spare time (not enough) to update page styles, better organize the data and upload some extra items that have accumulated. 

Most recently, Comcast decided to discontinue their "Personal Web Pages" hosting service, so I had to find a place to republish the information or let it vanish into cyberspace history.  This is the result – relocated, reorganized, updated, extended.

My collection of family history data is also located here, in the 'TuttleFamily' pages, along with other material in separate page sets.

-- Enjoy!


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